Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wheel of Fortune

On 9 Aug, ST reported that The Singapore Flyer has been spinning the wrong way, according to feng shui. The wheel was thus reversed at a cost involving a six-figure sum. That sounds like a big deal.

What is feng shui, anyway?

Some refer to it as geomancy. I am not a strong opposer and neither am I a staunch fan of this mystical ancient Chinese practice. It is a deep-set knowledge on how to get things in the universe in a harmonious order. No matter which way you look at it, it is perplexing. I have read about feng shui briefily out of curiosity and that did not make me any more knowledgeable than before. 

In Singapore, the presence of feng shui is mostly felt when homeowners prepare for their new dwellings. Enthusiastic and proud of their new acquisition, they would consult feng shui masters and have the interior done up based on their advice. Most of this involves arrangement of furniture and placement of ornaments in certain parts of the dwellings based on orientation. 

My experience with Feng Shui was limited to a single encounter when I sold my previous dwelling. The house agent was sharing his self-acquired Feng Shui knowledge and was prepared to offer tips for my new dwellings. I took it with a pinch of salt like a defying teenager going against the well-intended parental advice. 

He was having great difficulties finding a buyer. That was understandable as the property market was experiencing one of its worst times. After several futile attempts to convince a handful of prospects, he suggested that I try feng shui. Now, I was beginning to wonder how that could help.

Initially, I imagined some alteration and shifting of objects in the house and had the urge to resist. It was a relief when all he needed to do was something really simple and I did not have any problem going along. He placed a little horseshoe object at the corner of our balcony, neatly tucked under a vase. Oh well, that was supposed to do the trick, I thought sarcastically.

Within the same day of that simple act, he called me and said that a prospect would make an offer. Ya, right! There were a few of those before that. The offer did not sound too unreasonable and I agreed to accept. Unbelievably, the deal was closed the very day.
Till today, I am still not a strong devotee of feng shui. However, I am always prepared to give due respect to this occult and mystical area of study.

Don't dismiss the unknowns for you never know what you are getting into….
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