Monday, August 18, 2008

Not For The Insomniac

I do go vegetarian at times - when I drink coffee.

I know I have no lag of company when it comes to taking in that caffeinated drink. But I can't say for sure that all the coffee drinkers love the same type of coffee.

Many decades ago, Starbucks and Gloria Jean's meant nothing to the coffee drinkers. Coffee was just how our English-speaking counterpart called Kopi, which is a simple but delicious beverage well loved by the local folks.

Today, we have to be specific when stating our preference of caffeine shots. Coffeehouses are sprouting up everywhere. From the traditional Ya Kun to the cosmopolitan Starbucks, we are spoilt for choices.

Do I really have a preference? Hmmm.. never really ponder over that question.

I was introduced to the black beverage at a very young age and I was told it's called kopi-O, which translates into black coffee, literally. The otherwise bitter drink, which was heavily sweetened, did not have much trouble stealing my heart. It soon became a staple drink even though I later found out to my horror that they actually ran the drinks through a giant white sock!

Fast forward… Today, I still love the drink, except that I would lighten the color with the help of some milk and cut out the initially loved sweetness. I can move from Starbucks to Ya Kun without any bias. I love them just the same. (Ya, it's true !)

Seriously, I find the traditional coffee and the western influenced counterpart both offer a different facet to the enjoyment. They are different but equally good. (I have to say this so that I stand an equal chance to be treated to either Starbucks or Ya kun, heh! )

Do I go for expensive ones? Well, that depends on what you mean by expensive.

I could settle for the $1.00 traditional kopi at the corner coffee shop. I too enjoy a good quiet time sipping the $10.00 premium brew at some posher downtown outlets. I would also reconcile for a simple instant fix with a 3-in-1 coffee mix. Err, that probably costs about $0.30 per fix?

You see, I am a coffee nut. Not a coffee snob. The next time you hear me say "Let's go for a drink", it means, "Let's go for coffee.” Any kind…

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