Saturday, August 9, 2008

Celebrating The Singapore Spirit

They have done this 43 times but it is the first time I have watched it live, on the actual day. Yes, today is Singapore's 43rd birthday and the NDP 08 (National Day Parade) went on to Celebrate The Singapore Spirit.

Was I supposed to be thrilled? I ought to be but I admit that the disappointment was more then just a tinge. It would be utterly unfair to compare the show with the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony the night before and I try not to. But somehow, it was not as gripping as the NDP 07 (I watched the preview).

The Black Knights stole the show and ended the show too. The rest of the evening was just filled with attempts to rave the spectators. The sea of red did not give the level of enthusiasm I had expected. Perhaps the drizzles that greeted the show had dampened their yet to light up spirit.

They made use of lots of technology, as expected. Huge screens and well synchronized lights feasted my eyes and the sound of fireworks deafened my ears. I tried to give due respect to the well-prepared show and the performances did heighten my mood intermittently. Somehow, my attention too, was drifted from the stage to my mobile phone, from time to time.

They made use of the water around the stage too (but of course). The wakeboarding, jet skiing and kite stunts were far from spectacular. The Bay Birds joined the performance on cue and bobbed from place to place. They were less than inspiring and I could not help but kept thinking the fruity flavoured chupa chups.

The fireworks finale was a good consolation. Everybody loves fireworks and I could tell from the cheers! I am sure those around the NDP venue and in the nearby skyscrapers and hotels were waiting just for that moment. Indeed, the fireworks shows have added great Shine for Singapore.

Overall, I would endorse the Shine but it could have been in higher

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