Friday, August 29, 2008

Every Dog Has Its Day

Today the King of Pop Michael Jackson celebrates his 50th birthday.

Many may not know that exactly 15 years ago, he celebrated his 35th birthday right here in Singapore. He was on his Dangerous World Tour when he performed his first concert in Singapore, on 29th and 30th Aug 1993, at the National Stadium. I was there on 29th Aug together with tens of thousands of wild crowd who sang him a birthday song. His appeal then was unmaskable.

His fame went down the hill when he was accused of sexual abuse against minors in 1993. His career never quite pick up since then, thanks to the numerous unfavorable publicities relating to sexual abuse, parenthood, financial struggle, family relationship and marriage.

Jacko Wacko, as he is known, started his singing career at the age of six and his life and personality can be best described as bizarre and eccentric. He claimed that he has been deprived of a normal childhood and that drove him to build the Neverland. Many thought that he suffered from the Peter Pan syndrome when he did what he could to revive his lost childhood. At his 50th birthday celebration he said that 'I feel very wise and sage, but at the same time very young', and he planned to celebrate his birthday watching cartoons.

He is a rather reclusive figure these days but far from being forgotten. I believe he still holds a strong fan base. I do not consider myself a fan of any sort but I respect his contribution to the music industry. When I hear the Fall Out Boy screaming Beat It on the radio, I can't help favoring Jacko's original version. In some ways, he is irreplaceable.

Well, every dog has its day. Happy birthday Jacko !

Do check out his performance at the National Stadium 15 years ago from a blur but real footage....

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