Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's Look At It This Way

Same thing... different views. This will set the backdrop of this blog

It's been said that no two human brains can ever be wired with identical circuitry and we all think differently. I would like to reserve my agreement pending the success of human cloning. Until such time, we are saddled in this simple universal truth which is denied and ignored by billions - ya, sure, you have started to disagree.

We see the world not as it is but the the way we are. We set views based on our own values, experiences and emotions. We are built to transmit our views much better than receiving them from others and this is usually the main cause of many man made disasters.

The issue is commonly termed as communication. I have often heard the word used as if it means the same thing to all. Sadly, it has never been the case and the term has deteriorated into nothing more than a cliche.. a catachresis.

You will say 'I beg to differ' and I will hear your disagreement. The only thing is that, your differing views will not be delivered to me in bubble wraps. They will reach me in fragmented pieces. If I am conscientious, which most of us aren't, I will attempt to reconstructed the pieces. Here you go... a different picture is formed.

I welcome your disagreement... in fragments or otherwise.

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