Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gosh! What Does She Think She's Doing??

"Must be a woman driver!!”

You have heard that familiar curse on the road, coming from an automobile driver or fellow passengers. More often than not, the curse is shot almost conclusively at the fact that woman drivers are responsible for most of the unpleasant driving experiences one can get on the road.

Why? Is that a fact of life or is that a perception reserved for the sexists?

I am a woman driver and it would be hard for me to put across a defense without sounding bias. OK, let's be fair. I do have some observations to share. Hear me out:

One - Insurance companies found that claims made by woman are for relatively minor accidents.

Two - Woman drivers often drive with more courteous attitude.

Three - Some car insurance companies are giving discounts to woman drivers.

I just might have a case that the curse was uncalled for.

Having said all these, I have a confession to make: parallel parking can be excruciating for woman drivers. I would avoid parallel parking where possible. Perhaps, such consistent and prolonged avoidance explains why my parking skills are not making visible progress.

Well, I found myself a piece of good news, though. Car makers are starting to push out self-parking cars because they sense a consumer demand. Here you go, with technology, there is no reason for us to sweat over matters such as parking. Let the machines do it.

The next time you run out of ideas what Christmas present to get for a female friend, consider a self-parking kit! She would love it!

Before I end, watch this godsent marvel for mankind. Oops!! I mean, womankind.

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