Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Rich, Now!

Richness in life is more than just having money. [Pic]

What you want is not necessarily what you need.

You want the car your neighbor just bought; you want the watch you saw in the magazine; you want a pair of heels even though your wardrobe is bursting; you want to be able to have whatever you want...

Is that what life is all about?

In our endless pursuit of worldly things, we could have easily forgotten the essentials of life which are far more important than money. 

Discipline: A key ingredient to healthy lifestyle. [Pic]

There is nothing very new here. Let's just take a moment to remind ourselves:

1. Health

You need two ingredients to stay healthy: 1) knowing what the right actions are, and 2) the discipline to do the right actions.

For (1), rich resources can be found easily in this modern time. Few would have difficulties accessing basic information. It is 'discipline' or the lack of, that is often cited as the main culprit for an unhealthy lifestyle.

To stay healthy, work hard on (1) and work harder on (2). 

2. Habit

A habit is a series of actions performed involuntarily and rather effortlessly. Bad habits are common obstacles in life. They can hurt your health or social life. On the other hand, good habits are empowering.

You need to kick bad habits and acquire good ones. Do not expect quick results. Start with being aware of your existing habits and take small but ceaseless steps to change your actions.

Love what you do. Do What you love. [Pic]

3. Work

A rich life is no fluke. You have to work for what you want.

'Work' is more than just what you do in your office and you should stop viewing it as a dirty word. Take control and you will not have to fight any Monday blues.

The mantra for this is, 'love what you do and do what you love.'

4. Gratitude

Feeling grateful gives you positive energy. On the other hand, complains and grouses are dis-empowering.

Whining is not a necessity but a bad habit. Kick it.

Gratitude makes you rich.  [Pic]

5. Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. Many go looking for it or simply wait for it to come.

The thing is, 'happiness' is here and now. This makes the phrase 'pursuit of happiness' rather ironical. It is not something you seek but something you 'agree' to have.

In short, 'happiness' is a choice. You would have to make that choice to be happy.

6. Wisdom

Get wiser through lifelong learning. 

In today's breakneck pace of change, you cannot afford to be left behind. The price of obsolescence is just too high.

Learning does not mean going to school. It simply means keeping up with things. It should take place during every waking moment.

You stop, you flop.

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. [Pic]

Finally, let talk about money.

In a practical sense, you cannot live a decent life without money. However, having more money does not promise a happier life.

No one argues about this. The problem is, as Zig Ziglar has put it "Money won't make you happy… but everybody wants to find out for themselves."

Many people have been there, done that. You have the choice of learning from them or falling into the same pit.

Your life is as you live it.

"Every man dies. Not every man really lives." (William Wallace)

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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Greatness of Small Things

Get simple pleasure from nature. [Pic]

Great things do come in small packages.

That is the problem. They are often so nondescript that you tend to overlook them.

Your ability to appreciate small things in life is essential. It helps to bring you happiness and improve your general well-being. Such appreciation fills you up and leaves you with little time to brood about things that don't matter years from now.

Why live a life looking forward to amazing weekends when you can pick up little pleasures in life everyday, all the time?

The good news is, these small things are everywhere and often cost little or nothing. The bad news is, you may not see much of them until you make it a habit to notice them.

Little things can be awesome. [Source]

Neil Pasricha was going through a rough patch in life when he started his blog, '1000 Awesome Things'. He began to write about 'the free, easy little joys that make life sweet'. That had made him feel better.

His blog must have made his readers feel great too for it now attracts millions of hits. The posts have been compiled into 'The Book of Awesome', which has remained a top seller for a long while. The '1000 Awesome Things' site has also won the Webby Award which recognizes 'excellence on the Internet'. 

Pasricha started the site with post #1000 'Broccoflower' on 10 Jun 2001 . Since then, he posts an 'awesome thing' every weekday, counting down to post #1 on 20 April 2012.

How many awesome moments in life have you missed? [Pic]

Those are some of the 'no-big-deal's' in life which can make a whole big deal at that very moment in time.

Little sweet things happen to us from time to time. Few would even realize that they have come and gone, let alone savoring the moments.

How many awesome moments in life have you missed?

(Listen to Pasricha's heartfelt talk from TEDxToronto in which he reveals 'The 3 A's of awesome')

 Are you too busy for Joshua Bell's music? [Source]

Joshua Bell is a Grammy Award-winning violinist. In an experiment initiated by Washington Post in 2007, he became a 'busker' at a metro station in Washington DC. It was a cold January morning and Bell played incognito with his very intricate violin worth $3.5 million dollars.

For about 45 minutes, Bell played beautiful pieces which earned him fame and fortune. Of the 1097 people who passed by, only seven stopped to listen to him. The others? They were too busy with their daily routine.

Are you living your life just like one of 'the others'?

(Read the Washington Post article and watch the video on Bell's 'street performance')

Many little things are actually 'big things' in life. [Pic]

In life, there are many things we can feel grateful for. These are not the latest sports car you have acquired or your priced jewelery. They are just some small things.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you make look back and realize they were the big things." (Robert Brault)

Allow the greatness of small things to bring you greatness in life. Learn to look out for them

I hope this article is one of the great little things you have had today.

Further reading:

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." (Mother Teresa)

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Anger Management is for Everyone

Anger is a normal human emotion. [Pic]

We all get angry from time to time.

The scenes in the movie "Anger Management" make us laugh. However, it is far from funny if it should happen to us.

You may not have experienced such extreme emotional state seen in the move. But, whenever something or someone triggers that unexplainable 'anger button' in you, you would simply explode, just like anyone else.

Can you even control that? If not, can you at least reduce its occurrence?

Anger is not a right. Neither is it wrong. [Pic]

What is anger?

Anger is a normal human emotion. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry. However, things can go really wrong if you are unable to manage anger.

Anger management

'Anger Management' is often seen as therapeutic sessions by trained personnel for patients who are constantly suffering from angry outburst.

That leads us to think of 'anger management' as something for someone who is 'sick in the head' and having some serious troubles.

Not quite. All of us get angry and it is just a matter of degree.

Let's face it, our emotion fluctuates. Just because we do not need professional 'Anger Management', it doesn't mean that we do not need to know anything about 'anger management'.

Anger releases energy.
Learn to channel it constructively. [

Why do we get angry?

It is often due to unfulfilled expectation.

Your mind anticipates an outcome and when that is not matched with the reality, pressure develops in your mind. Certain chemicals such as adrenaline are released and a surge of energy goes through your body. You become 'angry'.

The energy has to go somewhere. When it is released in an unmanaged way, it can cause harm to someone or something. Alternatively, you can choose to suppress it and let the pent-up energy create a greater explosion sometime later.

The misaligned reality can be due to your own doing or that of others. It could be something within your control or it could be something totally out of your hands.

You need to know what causes you to be angry.

'Anger' is the creation of your own 'thinking'. [Pic]

The change begins with you

You are angry because you set rules and are slow to change them. The world does not evolve around your rules. Not everyone knows and understands your rules. Even if they do, they decide in what way they want to be bound by them.

Before you do anything to change yourself, understand that 'anger' is the creation of your own 'thinking'. It is not caused by people or things around you.

You cannot control how others respond to you and you cannot control mother nature. However,you can control the way you think.

When you control your mind, you control your life.

Anger is a manifestation of how you think. [Pic]

How do you control your mind?

You think with your 'mental muscle'. Just like any other muscles, you need to exercise and build them so that they become strong enough to work well for you.

Thinking is a form of conversation with yourself. If you tell yourself good stuff, you believe in them over time. The converse is also true.

In short, think positive. See "Self Dialog: Look Who's Talking?"

Thinking is a habit. [Pic]

Positive thinking is a habit

So is negative thinking.

Some of us are aware that negative thinking is not helpful but are unable let that bad habit go. We let ourselves sink into that 'pit of despair' and wonder why the world is being so unfair. See "The Power of Habit"

A good habit can be acquired and a bad one can be kicked. If it seems too tough to do so, chop the chore into parts and handle one bit at a time. See "The Power of Small Steps

A man is about as big as
the things that make him angry. [

Not everything is within your control

Don't be a control freak on yourself or others. Learning to let go is not as difficult as it seems.

Focus your energy on lifelong learning and try to "Be a "Better Me" Everyday".

Very often, you are the main stumbling block in your life. You may be over critical with yourself and mostly in nonconstructive manners. Read "You Are Your Worst Enemy" and see if you are being so.

While you want to learn to be more flexible with your rules, you do not want to end up living by others' rules. Set your boundary right and "Don't be a People Pleaser".

Start building your ability to manage anger today. Remember, "For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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"A man is about as big as the things that make him angry." (Winston Churchill)

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