Monday, February 20, 2012

The Greatness of Small Things

Get simple pleasure from nature. [Pic]

Great things do come in small packages.

That is the problem. They are often so nondescript that you tend to overlook them.

Your ability to appreciate small things in life is essential. It helps to bring you happiness and improve your general well-being. Such appreciation fills you up and leaves you with little time to brood about things that don't matter years from now.

Why live a life looking forward to amazing weekends when you can pick up little pleasures in life everyday, all the time?

The good news is, these small things are everywhere and often cost little or nothing. The bad news is, you may not see much of them until you make it a habit to notice them.

Little things can be awesome. [Source]

Neil Pasricha was going through a rough patch in life when he started his blog, '1000 Awesome Things'. He began to write about 'the free, easy little joys that make life sweet'. That had made him feel better.

His blog must have made his readers feel great too for it now attracts millions of hits. The posts have been compiled into 'The Book of Awesome', which has remained a top seller for a long while. The '1000 Awesome Things' site has also won the Webby Award which recognizes 'excellence on the Internet'. 

Pasricha started the site with post #1000 'Broccoflower' on 10 Jun 2001 . Since then, he posts an 'awesome thing' every weekday, counting down to post #1 on 20 April 2012.

How many awesome moments in life have you missed? [Pic]

Those are some of the 'no-big-deal's' in life which can make a whole big deal at that very moment in time.

Little sweet things happen to us from time to time. Few would even realize that they have come and gone, let alone savoring the moments.

How many awesome moments in life have you missed?

(Listen to Pasricha's heartfelt talk from TEDxToronto in which he reveals 'The 3 A's of awesome')

 Are you too busy for Joshua Bell's music? [Source]

Joshua Bell is a Grammy Award-winning violinist. In an experiment initiated by Washington Post in 2007, he became a 'busker' at a metro station in Washington DC. It was a cold January morning and Bell played incognito with his very intricate violin worth $3.5 million dollars.

For about 45 minutes, Bell played beautiful pieces which earned him fame and fortune. Of the 1097 people who passed by, only seven stopped to listen to him. The others? They were too busy with their daily routine.

Are you living your life just like one of 'the others'?

(Read the Washington Post article and watch the video on Bell's 'street performance')

Many little things are actually 'big things' in life. [Pic]

In life, there are many things we can feel grateful for. These are not the latest sports car you have acquired or your priced jewelery. They are just some small things.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you make look back and realize they were the big things." (Robert Brault)

Allow the greatness of small things to bring you greatness in life. Learn to look out for them

I hope this article is one of the great little things you have had today.

Further reading:

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." (Mother Teresa)

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