Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Goodbye Continues

11 years ago, the world was shocked by the sudden death of Lady Diana. I remember that day. The memory was an unerasable one.

It was a lazy Sunday and I was attracted to the news flash on TV with grave disbelief. For the rest of the day, and till today, the world is still talking about the tragic death of a well-loved character.

More than a decade later, the people's love towards her has not faded. They hold on to the beautiful images she has left behind and admire her as the public character that most are familiar with.

Who is she any way?

To me, she was an ordinary mother who tirelessly trying to protect her children and provided them with what she believed was the best for them. She was an ordinary woman who yearned for care and love, although her search for true love was not endorsed by all. She was an ordinary wife who stood by her husband but only for as long as it was reasonable to do so.

If she was so ordinary to me, why was she so extraordinary to the world?

Perhaps, we are all extraordinary in some ways. We just do not know it. Perhaps, in our own ways, we could do what we could to make the world a better place, albeit a little. Lady Diana was aware of that and she simply did what she could.

Her beautiful legend shall stay and our resigned goodbye shall continue....

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