Sunday, August 10, 2008

Click 'HOME' And Feel At It

I am a regular user of online papers and that would include the Strait Times.

Recently, the papers underwent a makeover and the cosmetic surgery scalpel did not spare the online version. SPH was certainly thrilled about the change but I was not. I tried in vain to see how the newer version could serve my needs and I failed. The newer look and feel did not bother me. Rather, I was totally lost while navigating the e-papers.

I begin to feel anhedonic and pondered about the pace of the fast-moving technology. You thought you have learnt something new. But you will never get settled down long enough before being nudged into trying newer ones. Keeping up requires effort and many went out of gas along the way.

I have often heard people around me lamenting about how they feel being left behind the technology bullet train. For those who attempt to chase often find themselves panting and struggling to find renewed energy to stay close.

Do we have a choice not to keep pace with the change?

Let's put on our imaginative caps and fast-forward 2 decades from now. I cannot place my cursor precisely on how our lives would fuse into the world wide web. Will we be cloaked in massive geeky applications with clandestine functions awaiting to be discovered? Will we be less able simply because we cannot keep up with more enabled machines? Will we be discarded by society due to our inability to stay connected in the virtual world? The anxiety goes on . . .

I enjoy technology only to the extent where it serves me. I cannot get myself to chase the ceaseless propagation of technological breakthroughs. I fail to understand the need to peek at what is at the frontier. I tend to be dilatory in allowing my hands to feel the unfamiliar. Most of all, I am afraid I may slip into a state of ennui in this virtual race to somewhere… beyond my imagination.

Ok. Let's get real! We don't really have a choice. It's back to the good old survival of the fittest theorem. We are in a world where technology is the means to connect the mankind. The need to stay connected is the means to exist. And we are here to exist and to have a life.

So, It's keep up or perish. Deal or no deal? Now, say yes and click "OK".

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KC said...

ya, i oso think that the new straits time is not gud. i tried to read it but the thing keeps lagging and wats more, i cant c what i m readin! thnks 4 sharing your thoughts on this! i <3 ur blog!