Friday, September 19, 2008

Watch Your Cattitude!

There are two cats in my house.

I had to rewrite the first paragraph a couple of times as it just did not sound right. Initially, I wanted to say "I have two cats in my house." I quickly remembered that they were not adopted by me. So, I mulled over the ownership issue and I came to realize that cats cannot be owned. They own you!

A sense of sadness set in....

Dog lovers often argue with me that dog are loyal and they are good guards for people and property (I assume they are not referring to Chihuahuas and the like). They can go on and on and give me tons of reason on why I should consider having dogs instead.

I agree.

Dog lovers also mock at the cat people and ridicule them on the lack of purpose for keeping cats. They think cats are the only 'cold-blooded' mammals. I would like to put the record straight - the only cold-blooded mammals are the naked mole rats found in the Africa.

I understand where they are coming from and I often ponder. . . What is the purpose of having cats as pets, anyway?

I look at the two felines at home. They are often motionless, whether asleep or otherwise. They are indifferent and cold (at least they are to me). They contribute to a longer grocery list by adding 'cat litter' and 'cat food'. They expect their food served and they won't endure a messy litter box. They ignore me whenever they feel like it, which is like, 99% of the time. They won't barge from the sofa when I need some space. They.... Oh, man! They are good for nothing!

No! There are millions of cat lovers out there and there must be some legitimate reasons for human to unconditionally love them. I say 'unconditionally' because I assume they do not reciprocate either loyalty or respect.

Finally, I manage to squeeze one lame reason - they amuse me.

The strange thing about cats is that, they don't have to do anything out of ordinary to amuse you. By being themselves, they are already amusing.

Cats are known for their elegance and regalness. They also have an air of aloofness and detachment. They decide if they want to come to you and they ignore your commands.

And yet, they amuse me.

I know all these do not make sense to the dog people. In fact, I am still grappling with this unexplainable appeal I find in cats. Perhaps it is because they constantly attempt to stay mysterious and yet often behave ridiculously predictable.

The dog-cat debate will not end and I do not intend to get too involved. I guess I will just accept those extra items on the grocery list and consider their amusement as payback.


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