Saturday, September 27, 2008

No Vroom For Error

Despite my initial indifference towards the F1 Singapore Grand Prix and my subsequent comments on the nature of such sports, I was there tonight at the qualifying race.

I do not know much about F1 race and I also do not think that I like it in anyway. But it was good to know some trivia and a little facts and figures. Being there, the sight and sound helped me to appreciate what the thrill is all about.

This being the world's first night street race and I was amazed how a large part of the city was transformed into racing circuits. Two things hit me real hard: the 140 decibel engine sound and the 2000 watt lighting. It was a deafening and blinding experience.

The qualifying race offered little surprises. While many were expecting McLaren's Lewis Hamilton to get the pole position but Ferrari's Felipe Massa took that by less than a second. To be precise, 0.664s. The results probably meant a lot to the F1 racing community but to me, it was nothing more than a piece of nice to have information.

To be honest, as I watched the blurring images of the racing cars zoomed past me, I couldn't help thinking of the worst. F1 racing is challenging and it is worse when the circuit is on city streets and the race is held at night.

Hamiltion said that the Singapore circuit is hard to negotiate and requires more effort compared to the Monaco circuit (the only other street circuit). He reckoned that one lap around the Singapore circuit is like two laps of Monaco. The drivers also complained about bumpiness of the track and they found that the 5 km circuit offers very little chance for overtaking, if at all.

That's it. The Singapore circuit leaves no margin for error. The consequence of any mishap will be really nasty. Notwithstanding the barriers that separate the spectators and the tracks, one does not need much imagination to know what a skidded car can cause.

So far, things have gone relatively well and let's hope that it also applies to the Sunday race.

Verdict: Dangerously exciting !


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