Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Tank As Big As The Ocean?

Resorts World at Sentosa will be coming up in 2010 with a whale shark swimming in it !

This has been the plan of the new attraction and the nature lovers are obviously jumpy about it. In their response, Resort World felt that the whale sharks in the Marine Life Park 'will be loved and will receive top-class care'. I begin to visualize some children patting the sharks showing their tender loving care. No wonder we see the glee on the sharks.

OK. I am being sarcastic.

Do people really love to see nature being kept in enclosure? The main aim is to quench curiosity or to educate? The owner of Resort World explained that the park's mission was to 'inspire guests of all ages to appreciate the world's aquatic biodiversity and promote conservation action'. I am fine with their mission but why must it be whale sharks?? To make matter worse, they are not alone. Aquaria in Japan and Atlanta feature whale sharks as their main attractions.

Whale sharks are the largest fish on earth. They can grow up to 12 meter and swim a great distance in a day. Only the ocean is big enough to accommodate them comfortably. Understandably, they will feel a big squeeze living in a man-made tank. I can't help but to think of it as some kind of a freak show.

I do not consider myself as a nature lover. I definitely do not have the same fire in me to display a public protest. But I can say that I will not like the idea of being boxed up in a tiny cell for the rest of my life. I am sure the sharks feel the same.

It is not difficult to feel for others.. including the fish.

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