Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Numerical Obsession

Today is 9th of September or 090908. In exactly a year's time, the date will be 090909.

Many people are obsessed with dates with unique number combination and I am fascinated by their obsession. Starting from 010101 to 121212, there are 12 such dates in this century. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

1st Jan 2001 - 010101 was a special New Year's Day because that was the 1st day of the 3rd millennium. If you remember the Y2K bug we were so very afraid of, this date also marked our one year anniversary of our 'great survival' from the 'after all rather mild' bug.

3rd Mar 2003 - 030303 sounds good for it is 'shang, shang, shang' in Cantonese which means 'being very well alive'. However, that was not a very happy date in Singapore as it was the day we had our first SARS case.

4th Apr 2004 - 040404 is conveniently being linked to 'bad luck' for the sound of 'four' in Chinese, 'si', has the same sound as 'death'. However, if you stretch it a little, it may just sound like 'xi, xi, xi' which means 'triple happiness'. I supposed all those couples who chose to tie knots on that day had opted for the latter meaning.

6th Jun 2006:
060606 looks like a nice number combination to me for it sounds like 'luck, luck, luck' in Hokkien. Well, some may be disturbed as it is a biblical number for the devils.

8th Aug 2008: 080808 is a potent number. "Eight' is an auspicious number for it sounds like 'to prosper with a sudden fortune' in Cantonese. On this date, it was reported that many Chinese couples 'lined up' to get married. The recent Beijing Olympics has obviously gone along with number games and chosen this date for the opening ceremony. As if triple 'eight' was not good enough, the organizers had painstakingly ensured that the ceremony started at exactly 8.08 pm on that day.

9th Sep 2009:
090909 is a combination pleasing to the Chinese too. 'Nine' has the same sound as 'forever' and it will certain add more meaning to the marriage vows taken on this date. However, there is just a little snag if you are planning to get married on that date - it falls in the 7th Lunar month. As for me, it reminds me of the Police Hotline.

10th Oct 2010: 101010 is number 42 in binary. So, if you were born on 10 Oct 1968, you can start planning your 42nd birthday bash. For the couples in love, it will be a good date for wedding too for it will be a Sunday.

11th Nov 2011: 111111 will be the only date where all the numbers are the same. There is never going to be a '222222'. So grab that date to mark a special occasion in 3 years' time.

12th Dec 2012: 121212 sounds OK to me except for some rather disturbing information I came across. Some believe that it is the end of the world!! That date is the last date on the Mayan Calendar and some have predicted that everything will come to an end. I try not to think too much about it.

So, if you have missed the earlier unique dates, you have four more chances !

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