Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Is The Vroom All About?

Are you excited about the upcoming SingTel Singapore Grand Prix?

According to the ST street poll, almost everyone has heard of the F1 event. However, 6 out 10 said that they are NOT excited and has NO idea when the event will take place. Which one are you?

I belong to the 'not excited' group although I am aware that the event will take place over the 26-28 Sept period. Out of curiosity, I might just peep into the goggle box just to understand what is the big hoo-ha about this night race. After all, it is the first time the world is going to see F1 racing on city streets, at night.

The Government was keen to bring in the event as it is believed that it helps to channel some money into the cash registers. The hotels and the retailers are expected to benefit from the inflow of foregner visitors. I am not so sure about that.

I recall the S2006 event when Singapore hosted the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings which saw 23,000 delegates turning up. The venue was at the Suntec Convention Centre but there was a lot of visible preparation which stretched to Orchard Road, East Coast Parkway and Changi Airport. A campaign known as Four Million Smiles was also launched in July 2006 to prepare the service sector for the event. Overall, the event went well with a minor 'protest' from pressure groups when the Government rejected their appeals for outdoor protests.

So, why do we not feel or see the same for the F1 race?

Some blame it on the lack of publicity and some said that, unlike soccer, there is less passion towards car racing as a form of sports. Whatever it is, perhaps the organisers for the 2010 YOG can learn something from this event.

For me, I have decided to steer clear of the event venue during the race period.


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