Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dating My TV #7

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Last weekend, I had a date with "TV on Mobile" at the East Coast Park.
I was there to enjoy a relaxing late morning breakfast (or was it lunch?). It was a great time to catch some TV programs.

I was hoping to eat and watch something at the same time, much like what you would do with coffee and newspapers. I ordered my food and waited for it to be delivered. I tried to turn on the TV and waited for the connection to be successful.

I waited... for my food and for the images to come on.

The 'hour glass' on the phone was 'spinning'. I retried a few times but could not get beyond the 'hour glass'. My food came and the 'hour glass' was still there. I munched and meddled with the mobile phone at the same time and that went on throughout my meal.

When I took the last few bites of my burger, the TV came alive. From that point onwards, it was at its best behavior. The reception was good and switching channel was easy.

My 'munch and watch' plan was foiled.

Rating: 6/10

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