Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dating My TV #4

See "Dating My TV #3".

Our 3rd date was not so good. I am still waiting for my new found date to excite me. Perhaps I should not be so demanding...

Wait a moment! I do not think that I am demanding in any way (usual defense in any relationship). All I am asking for is a responsive TV on the go. Is that so difficult? Never mind, things will get better..

My next test site was in the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train. I would imagine that most users of the "TV On Mobile" service would like to watch some TV programs while commuting in the train. It would have been an enjoyable ride if a little personal 'sight and sound' could be brought along.

The test was a disaster!

A large part of the journey took place underground and the reception must have been non-existent. There was no TV program to talk about. No further comments.


Rating: 1/10

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