Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dating My TV #5

See "Dating My TV #4".

So far, dating on the go both in the car and in the MRT train were no good. This time, I decided to test "TV On Mobile" at home. Yup, dating my TV at home.

Getting the line connected was a breeze. I was able to switch from one program to another rather effortlessly. I managed to watched a little of CNA, BBC, Disney and AFC.

Throughout the test, I was seated in front of my 43" flat screen TV. Each time I raised my head, I was greeted by a more pleasant screen. Let's accept it, a 3.7" screen is nowhere near one which is 43".

At the end of the test, I was totally satisfied with the streaming smoothness. However, I came to my senses that I was watching "TV On Mobile" at home! The whole idea of this service is to allow me to watch TV programs on the go, not at home.

So, to sum up, the experience was good but ironical.

Rating: 7/10.

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