Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dating My TV #3

See "Dating My TV #2".

During the last date, I was on the move with my "mobile TV' and we lost each other a few times. It was not a pleasant date.

Our next date was in my office. (Oops! Cyberloafing ?!?)

I launched the program at my desk to test the reception. Unfortunately, the test ended before it even got started. The reception was so bad that there were hardly any decent images which came on stream.

It was a disappointing experience. Perhaps, my employer seated me within a reception blind spot knowing that this day would come. So, folks, there was no "Cyberloafing" for I was unable to take any glimpse of the TV program.

During my lunch break, I tested again in a building nearby and the streaming was great. I was not really watching any program as my lunch was more important. I surfed around and watched a little of AFC and BBC. The reception was as good as my lunch.

I have asked a few friends about Starhub's "TV on Mobile" and few were able to give me more than a "huh?". This entertainment service was launched about a year ago and from my quick straw poll, Starhub subscribers have little or no awareness of it.

Well, I am not sure if they have a lot to lose. I shall not judge my new-found date so soon. Our 3rd date within and around my office location was both disappointing and exciting all rolled into one.

Rating: 5/10.

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