Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dating My TV #2

See "Dating My TV#1"

Our first date was exciting as I was discovering the various features of the "Starhub TV on Mobile". Getting it up and working was not too difficult. Well, at least it was not beyond my reach. Watching the "How To" short video clip on YouTube made the matter even easier.

As the OMNIA II mobile phone is new to me, I had to get use to its 'temperament' too. There are other compatible phones which allow you to watch "Starhub TV on Mobile", for example, Nokia N97, HTC Touch Pro and LG Arena. I wonder if OMNIA II has been a good choice. I picked it simply because it has the biggest screen of 3.7". I hope to hear from others who are using other models.

Today, I tuned to CNA (Channel News Asia) while I was driving. Not to worry, I was not about to perform some dangerous driving stunt by keeping my eyes on the TV.

Before I set off, I launched the program. I had to wait for awhile for it to come up. In the present day context, a 60-second wait is forever and I had to wait for longer than forever.

After the phone was connected to the program, the reception was good at the start.
I left the program running just to test the smoothness of the reception as I traveled from the East to the Central North. Along the way, the reception was disconnected a few times and I had to reconnect it when I reached a convenient traffic stop.

As I seldom take public transport, I had used the service that way to simulate an experience on a bus or MRT train.
Overall, today's experience was not so good.

Rating : 5/10

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