Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dating My TV #9

See "Dating My TV #8".

The Starhub "TV on Mobile" service came in handy the other day when I was in a bank.

I do not visit the bank often as I do most of my banking transactions electronically. Looking at the long queue, I felt like giving up but I needed to be there for something I could not settle over the Internet. Yes... I needed a real human to serve me!

It was a busy day and the waiting was expected to be long. I looked at the people in the queue and wondered how they could tolerate 'doing nothing' for such a long time. I noticed many bored-looking people constantly fiddled with their mobile phones. I did not look odd at all when I too whipped out mine.

I tuned to "TV on Mobile" and began to watch a program or two. I did not notice how long I was queuing but the wait bothered me much less.
For once, I was really thankful that I had my TV with me on the go.

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