Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dating My TV #10

See "Dating My TV #9".

I will be leaving for Taiwan tonight... Correction: I should say that 'I would be leaving for Taiwan tomorrow morning' as the departure time is slightly past 12 midnight.

I enjoy traveling (who doesn't?) but minus the flying part.

I always find the custom procedures and the cramp cabin in the 'zoo' class (cannot affo
rd business class) to be holiday spoilers.

The hours spent waiting at the airport and during the flight often make me nervous. Those moments often feel like eternity and I begin to imagine spider webs spinning around me. I am not afraid of flying but I get very jittery when I am not gainfully occupied.

I have included in my packing list things that would keep me up when I am bored. I was tempted to pack my Omnia II so that I could watch "TV on Mobile". I was quickly reminded that it might not a good idea to do so. Come to think of it, I wonder if I would be able to tune to any TV programs on the mobile phone from there.

Oh well, never mind, I shall fall back to something more conventional. It is called 'book'.

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