Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dating My TV #12

See "Dating My TV #11".

Today, I tuned to one of the new channels, the National Geography Channel (NGC). It was screening "Wild Wednesday" featuring poachers killing all the rhinos in Botswana in the 90's and how attempts were made to help bring the population of rhinos back to normal levels.

I love nature and animals and such programs appeal to me. I would have enjoyed the show much more if not for the usual intermittent dropped line and reconnection.

If you are Starhub mobile subscribers, you might want to try to tune in to NGC while on the go. It is not one of the free channels but you can always watch it on Starhub's "Happy Mondays" when you get to watch "TV on Mobile" free.

You would need a supported mobile handset to watch StarHub TV on Mobile channels. With the recent launch of Apple handphone by Starhub, "iPhone" and "iPhone 3GS" models have been added to the list of compatible handsets.

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