Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dating My TV #14

See "Dating My TV #13".

I have been using Starhub's "TV on Mobile" since early November. Just to recap, I have set off this "Dating My TV" series with the hope to rekindle my bond with TV (See "Dating My TV #1).

So far, my 'dating' experience has been marred by two things:

1) Smoothness of Streaming

Almost none of the TV programs I have watched was not interrupted with 'dropped line'. Sometimes, it got reconnected within a few seconds. However, there are times when the reconnection took too long, I simply switched off the TV with frustration.

Watching video clips on the Internet can be a problem when the streaming is laggy. Usually, users overcome it by buffering or simply downloading the video. In the case of "TV on Mobile", I am getting live streaming and I cannot do the same.

2) Screen Size

This is a given.

Watching TV programs on mobile phones means that I can only have a small screen. I am using OMNIA II which has a respectable 3.7 inch screen. However, it is nowhere near a normal 42 inch TV at home.

I believe the first problem can be overcome, although I am not sure how. It is potentially one of the items to be included in Starhub's 2010 'TO DO" list.

The second problem is actually not a problem. Rather, I see it as a trade-off between viewing pleasure and mobility.

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