Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dating My TV #11

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The iPhone battle among the three telcos in Singapore, Singtel, Starhub and M1 was officially launched on 9 Dec 09. Previously, only Singtel owned the exclusive right to distribute the much sought-after mobile phone.

Since then, the telcos have been having sleepless night fine-tuning their marketing strategies. The consumers were also kept busy comparing the special offers which were changing by the day. If you are not put off by long queues, join the crowd outside the telco service and retail centres around the island to be part of the big mobile phone fiesta.

I sure like healthy competition. It makes things better and more affordable.

There is just one such good news for users of Starhub "TV on Mobile". From 9 Dec, I get to tune in to three new lifestyle channels: National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Adventure and Fashion TV. With the previous 17 channels, I now have 20 to choose from.

The subscription fee for Starhub "TV on Mobile" is S$26.75 per month. For light users, they have the choice of paying S$1.00/day on the days they wish to tune in. Once paid, they have unlimited access for the day. Alternatively, Starhub customers can choose to watch the free channels such as CNBC, BBC News or Animax. In any case, Starhub customers can sample any channel for free on Mondays.

Check out the list of 20 channels here.

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