Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sorry! Moggies!

Will you eat cats? Yes, I can hear you go 'yucks'! The thing is, the people in Peru will and I am totally appalled.

In a small town Canete, near Lima, the annual 'Gastronomical Festival of the Cat', also dubbed the 'Massacre of the Moggies', is celebrated every year. The two-day festival at the end of September is a hair-raising one to me. Cat burgers and fried cat meat will be served. Even the tails and legs are also not spared. (Sorry, if this is puke-inducing).

The Peruvians have their reasons for doing the gross stuff. They believe that the cats, or rather their meat, helps to cure bronchial disease. They also believe that feline meat serves as an aphrodisiac.

The cats are bred especially for this festival and cat cooking techniques are demonstrated over the two days, presumably to inspire the feasting of cat, which is a regular menu item in Peru.

The animal rights groups are now furious over this weird festival that serves up hundreds of fried moggie. It is not as if they are not busy enough fussing over monkey-eating in Asia, dog-eating in Taiwan and rat-eating in India. They feel that there is no need to add another poor animal on the order list of the slaughterhouse.

I shall keep this article short before more revelation makes me barf. You've got the idea. Save the pussies!


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1 comment:

Yuen Mun said...

the 1st pic is GROSS & scary!! i dun like cats, but imagine that were to appear on my dining table?? arrggghhhh......HELP!