Thursday, October 2, 2008

Give Me A Break!

Yo! Go take a break and get a life!

I have a life and I don't need a break to get one! But hey! Who doesn't want a break just to boot up the battery? There are so many things I can do.

Well, let's say I have a week off and an expired passport (which means no overseas trips), how will I spend my 168 hours?

Besides being a part time taxi driver and spending time with family and friends, I figure I can have tons of other things to do for myself.

Here goes the top ten list:

1. Snail Mails

I desperately need to sort out that mountain load of snail mails. Grr! I am chronically hopeless here! I hate snail mails and they kept crawling in.

2. Spam Those Spams

They are really irritating! As soon as I delete the old ones, new ones begin to fill up my mailbox. Damn! It's like shadow chasing!

3. Dump, Dump and Dump

I try not to be a hoarder and I prefer to get those junks out of my way. But I need WILLPOWER! For a start, I shall look around the house and target 10 'why is it still there' items and dump. Phew! The feeling must be so good!

4. Movie

It will be great if the week can be filled with at least one movie. I do not mind even if it means watching it alone, with or without popcorns. Yeah!

5. Library

This is not as nice as it sounds. The main purpose of my visit is to sort out some messy situation relating to overdue loans, missing books and unpaid fines. I wonder how I got myself into this...

6. Music Playlist

Gone was the messy pile of CDs and cassettes. In its place, I have a virtual pile of disorganised music playlist. Thanks to easy storage, I have inadvertently built up a labyrinth of music folders. Ahh! Messy! Messy! Time to sort them out.

7. Ear Phone

I am no audiophile but I am attracted to high fidelity of sound making. I have some ear phones that is on my 'always wanted' list. I need to garner enough determination to get one soon. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

8. Learn A New Game

Learning something new is always good and that includes a new game. I am not really the sporty sort of person so something more sedated will be good enough. I can consider something which I know nothing about. Hmmm.. Mahjong sounds good?

9. Make Some Calls

In my busy routine, chatting with old friends is never my top priority. Over time, I have many old friends who are classified under the 'are you still there' category. It would be lovely if I can call one or two old friends, just to say, "Hey! I am still alive!"

10. Anything Else I Like

Shopping, perhaps?

OK. It wasn't easy coming out with that list. It is probably harder to give every item a 'tick'. But if there is a will there is a way.

Err.. first thing first, let me find that one week break! Before that, my top ten list doesn't really matter very much.

Oy! Wake up! It's time to go back to work!

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