Friday, October 10, 2008

The Brick Power

I read with much amusement in the papers... "Fancy Yourself in Lego?"

I love Lego and it is a toy that many of us grew up with. I was not particularly good with it and my creations usually did not go beyond some simple pieces of unimpressive blocks. Yet, Lego gave me many hours of creative and happy hours during my childhood days.

When I read that you can actually 'replicate' yourself using Lego bricks, I gave out a little 'wow'. That must be so fanciful! If only I have some US$60,000 idling somewhere...

Lego is a classic toy which consists of colorful interlocking plastic bricks. It also has an array of gears, miniaturized figurines and other compatible parts which are designed to connect to the bricks.

The history of Lego dated back to the 1930s but the modern Lego brick was patented in 1958. Today, the Lego bricks are symbolic of a system of creative play. If you have bought Lego way back in the 60s, these bricks would still interlock with those made today.

Lego bricks are traditionally popular amongst the children but many adults are also joining in the fun. Many impressive replications have been made using Lego and that include some very famous landmarks buildings. If we were to distribute all the Lego bricks that ever produced equally among the world population, each of us would be given 62 bricks.

In fact, creative people have used thousands of bricks to create amazing structures and designs. The tallest tower made out of Lego bricks is 100 ft tall standing in Legoland Windsor. Thousands of parents and children helped to piece half a million bricks over 4 days. What a feat!

The children today engage themselves mostly in computer games. They are missing out an important part of creativity formation during their childhood years. Sadly, constructive toys are not favored by these 21st century kids. Rather, games means virtual interaction with the made-believe world.

Lego is aware of the trend and they are keeping up. Now, you too can turn Lego bricks into geeky stuff like MP3 player, iPhone and Robots. Hopefully, the new range of creation can bring the kids back to the Lego world again.

Lego has just celebrated it's 50th birthday. I wish Lego a happy 50th anniversary and hope that it will be around for a long time. Our children deserve the kind of fun Lego has brought to the world for the last century.

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.
~William Plomer ~


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