Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eager For The Eagle Eye

In a spur of a moment, I went to catch 'Eagle Eye', the blockbuster movie. If you love the 'Minority Report' you would have loved this one. So, don't read this yet, if you are planning to watch the 'Eagle Eye' too.

Initially, other than the fact that it might be an action-packed movie with something to do with terrorism, I knew nothing more. I resisted finding out from movie reviews and was prepared to watch it with an open mind.

It turned out that I had a full 120 minutes of mind-spinning thrill ride. Totally ecstatic!

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeout) is an assistant in a copier shop. Rachael Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) is a single mother and paralegal who is struggling to bring up a young son, Sam. They are total strangers. Jerry just lost his twin brother, Ethan to a car accident and Rachel was sending off Sam to Washington DC for a school performance.

All of a sudden, strange things started to happen to them after the two received a call from an unidentified woman. Her instructions and threats brought the two strangers together. What followed after that was a series of action-packed thrills and constant race against time.

From the start of the show, I got the feeling that some big terrorism ploy was in the making and a group of people were just going to make use of Jerry and Rachael to execute some kind of destructive plans. So I thought.

The well-timed calls with explicit instructions and precise manipulation of events were convincing. I couldn't help but thought that the caller was a very smart and well-informed woman. She was insistent, cold, unforgiving and almost non-human.

During the first half of the movie, I was not suspecting anything more than terrorism, intelligence from the FBI and the Air Force with Jerry and Rachael as the enablers for the terrorism agenda.

It turned out, there was no terrorism but something worse. Jerry, Rachel, the FBI, Air Force, Sam and a whole lot of other people, were moved around by a super computer like chess pieces. ARIA, the computer would constantly collect and analyze data and the humongous amount of information allows her to read everyone like the back of 'her' hand.

The thought of the super computer extracting personal data from every other sources sends the chill down my spine. From the surveillance camera images to social network information, the computer would leave out nothing.

How would you feel when you receive a call from a computer, talking to you in a human voice, knowing everything about you and ordering you around?

The movie also share a horrifying idea that the government could eave-drop every conversation via the cell phones, whether switched on or not. I don't think I am going to like that at all. In fact right now, over at Jakarta, the drug-busting agency is asking permission from their government to legally tap phone conversation so as to help them in the crackdown effort. It is going to be a tough decision when privacy protection is one important consideration.

Overall, the 'Eagle Eye' is a little surreal and the plots are kind of patchy in some parts. Some scenes are violent but nothing too disturbing.

Final verdict: Very entertaining!


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