Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Kill Your Motivation?

How odd! Why would anyone want to do that?

We all want to be motivated and we do feel motivated at one time or another. The problem is, those moments never last. At times, they are so brief that nothing much gets done.

The feeling of being unmotivated is not nice. We always want to feel motivated but often do not get it right. But if you browse around, many books and articles are there waiting to share with you on how to be motivated. If you google 'motivation', it will return more than 40 millions results.

Yet, many of us continue to wonder how we can be motivated.

Instead of trying 'how to be motivated', I am attempting to look at things from the other side. If we can recognize what makes us unmotivated, perhaps we can intervene consciously before we sink further.

Check the list below and see if you find yourself doing some of those things or behaving is those manners. Well, stop doing so unless you intend to go along with the odd title of this post.

Alright, this is how you kill your motivation...Don't try it at home or in your office:
  1. Tell yourself that life sucks and bad things always happen to you.
  2. Do the same old boring stuff day in and day out. Don't change your routine.
  3. Bottle up your bad feelings towards others and say nothing. Just wait for a misunderstanding or dispute to come on.
  4. Be a party-pooper at work place and make sure that no one gets any fun out of work.
  5. Don't bother about learning. There is nothing much to learn anyway.
  6. Shun challenges. 'Tried and tested' is the best policy.
  7. Focus on what you have not done. Forget about your achievements. Not that you have many.
  8. Stay away from people. It is better not to bother or be bothered.
  9. Procrastinate. What can wait shall wait.
  10. Be a skiver. You will still receive your pay cheque. Why put in more?
  11. Life's short. There is no need to worry about what might come next.
  12. Compete with others on trivial things. After all, it is important that you have a bigger TV than your neighbors.
  13. Hang on to your past. Nothing else is more certain than that.
  14. Be wishy-washy. Life is full of options and it is tough to stick to one thing or two.
  15. There is no need to worry about what might happen. Just see how things go.

Let's continue...
  1. Stay within your comfort zone. It is where you feel the safest.
  2. Always compare yourself with others. It does not matter what you have become, so long as you win.
  3. When you hit a snag, blame others. Somebody has to be at fault.
  4. When the going gets tough, just quit. It is not worth the effort to continue.
  5. Be skeptical. Most people are up to something bad.
  6. Nobody likes you so just wallow in self-pity.
  7. Look around you and find fault. There are always reasons to complain.
  8. You are just a mediocre. Don't try to stick out in a crowd.
  9. Just suck in those junk food and enjoy the moment. You can always exercise some other time.
  10. Join in the whining game. Many are doing the same.
  11. Focus on problems and witch-hunt. Solutions can come later.
  12. Things do go wrong and not that you can help it. Blame the hormones.
  13. Life is always unfair to you. Good things always happen to others.
  14. People around you keep changing things. You loathe change.
  15. What motivation? It is easier said than done.

I can go on but I will stop here. I think I have given enough ideas on how you can kill your motivation. I am not sure if this article is motivating in any way. At least, I am sure of one thing:

I have not motivated you to kill your motivation.

Suggested reading: To Quit or Not to Quit?

"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. 
Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."
~Wayne Dyer ~

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