Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Become a 'Typewriter'

Lifelong learning is not optional [pic]

Whether or not you know what a typewriter is, this post is for you.

Typewriter, a term unfamiliar to many young people, existed in a useful way since 1870. It wasn't too long ago that it was still an essential item in our lives. Today, it is displayed in some museums.

Sometimes, when I pause and think about how quickly technology becomes passe, it scares me. With iPhone5 around the corner, those with iPhone3 in their hands are lamenting that they feel so dated. Looking back, the first iPhone was launched on 9 Jan 2007 and that does sound like a long time ago on the new technology time scale.

Is it just about owning it? [pic]
The blind pursuit of technology

People should just get used to the fact that there is no such thing as owning new technology. You cannot own it because new technology does not stay long enough to be owned. Instead, we should just emphasize on knowing new technology rather than owning it.

New technology always promises new possibilities and that is just great. However, in our pursuit for the latest gizmo, we often forget that we are born with the most advanced 'technological' gadget ever created. That's right, the almighty brain.

No other brains can match ours [pic]

Your brain rules
Our brain has an infinite capacity to learn. Unlike computers or whatever bombastic gadgets you have, it never says "Harddisk full". It has the most incredible ability to become intelligent and creative. It is totally scalable, upgradable and it is capable of storing the most amazing 'software'.

New technology or not, the immense potential of our brain remains unchanged. No technology can ever take over that super-machine in you (at least not during my lifetime). The gadgets in your hands are merely tools. They are there to let you enhance your potential in many ways. They are not there to replace your brain.

There is always something to learn. [pic]

Don't stop learning

Our brain is powerful right from the start and there is never a need to launch Brain 2.0 after Brain 1.0. Regrettably, it is the most under-utilized machine in the world as most of us hardly tap much into its potential.

When we were in school, we were constantly pushed and challenged to improve ourselves. I can still remember the brain-bursting feeling during exams. However, the moment we stepped out of school, we were on our own to learn.

As adults, you are learners just like when you were in school. Except that this time, you are the pupil, the teacher as well as the headmaster. You decide what, when and how to learn. You also decide on the pace and the place.

In "Lifelong Learning - My Way", I shared that as adults, we often do not learn actively and suggested a few ways to pursue lifelong learning. In "What's There to Learn?", I said that lifelong learning is a non-stop process and there is no such thing such as "nothing to learn".

Technology helps you learn [pic]

Lifelong learning and technology

Lifelong learning is not optional and there are many tests along the way. No one is going to inform you beforehand and no one will ask you if you are prepared. Sometimes, you get to retake the tests but sometimes, you simply have to pay the price of failure. 

New technology has brought along new ways to learn. We no longer need to browse volumes of encyclopedia or visit the library in person. We can pick up reliable information on the go in a timely manner. We also can connect with people and ideas with a push of button. In short, new technology has made lifelong learning easier.

Are you at risk of becoming a 'typewriter'?
[Photo Credit: Michael Kelly]

Don't become a 'typewriter'

Just because you are a proud owner of iPhone5 does not mean that you are not at risk of becoming a 'typewriter'. Before you buy your next swanky gadget, remember to ask how it can help you learn and not whether it is the newest in town.

Lifelong learning is never about what you have. It is about what you do with what you have.

"Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn." ~ Benjamin Franklin ~

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