Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Email Interview with Vanilla

The organizers for the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA) 2010 has requested for a video interview. That sounds great except that it can be quite awkward for a closet blogger like me.

I guess an email interview would be the next best thing to do.

Here goes...

SBA: Tell us about yourself in 50 words.

Vanilla: I write anything but politics, religion, racism and sex. Enough of such talks these days already. I prefer to share thoughts on other usually forgotten but important stuff. In doing so, I hope to inspire myself. If others get inspired along, it would be my bonus.

SBA: How long have you been blogging and why did you start blogging?

Vanilla: Writing has never been my forte. It was freaking scary when I decided to write my first article in Aug 2008. Many asked why I write and I answered them in "It Feels Right To Write".

Now, writing is therapeutic to me. In 2009, I was one of the finalists for Singapore Blog Awards 2009, "Most Insightful Blog" category. I am glad to be a finalist again this year.

SBA: How do you feel as one of the finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards? What do you think is your chance of winning?

Vanilla: My chance of winning? Are you kidding? I did not even expect to be here answering this question in the first place.... Alright, I feel honored (I'm serious!) and I would love to win but many others in this category are really great bloggers.

SBA: Who do you think are the strongest bloggers in the category you are nominated for and why?

Vanilla: All the other 8 bloggers in this category are admirable in their own way. (nb: I have exclude Yu-Kym and I am not apologetic for doing that. Our values are poles apart)

SBA: What would you like to say to your blog readers and those who voted and supported you?

Vanilla: You guys rock!

SBA: What is your most controversial blog post and why?

Vanilla: Most controversial? How controversial can my blog posts get when I steer clear of politics, religion, racism and sex?

SBA: Have you ever gotten into trouble or got rewarded for blogging? Elaborate.

Vanilla: I blog to inspire and why should anyone get into trouble for doing that? So, the answer is 'No'.

Rewarded for blogging? All the time! My readers reward me with their kind words. Does that count?

Photo of Vanilla by Vanilla

I hope you will continue to support me. See earlier post, "Singapore Blog Awards 2010" on how to cast your votes and win prizes.


"When asked, "How do you write?" I invariably answer, "one word at a time."
~Stephen King~

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