Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Blues - No More

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Today is Monday.

Given a choice, many people would rather call it Moodyday or Monsterday. Basically, to them, it is their most hated day of the week.

If you are one of them, this is how your Monday would typically go:

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You wake up, wishing that the weekend is not over yet. Even before you are fully conscious, you creatively think of all the possible reasons (more like excuses) not to report for work. Thankfully, you are rational most of the time when you think of the bacon you have to bring home.

So, you drag your feet and the journey to work seems like forever. When you finally reach your messy desk, you try to recap what you have left behind last Friday. You start to work on it for a couple of hours and wonder why the day is so long. The rest of the day is just as miserable if not worse.

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Mondays need not be that way. You can consider taking these 10 steps to beat your Monday blues:

1. Have a neat ending on Friday

Wrap up your week nicely. Complete your work on Friday or at least reach a logical milestone if the task is big. Pack up your desk and end the week by putting what you need to do on Monday in an orderly manner.

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2. TGIF but don't be a Weekend Warrior

Your long awaited weekend is finally here. It is alright to have fun but watch your limits. Having fun does not mean you have to drain your battery and leave yourself no time to recuperate before Monday comes.

3. Minimize weekend sleep-ins

Instead of lazing in bed on Saturday or Sunday morning, plan to start your day early. You can fill the day with leisurely itinerary which begins in the morning. Try to wake up at about the same time as your weekdays.

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4. Wrap up your weekend

Give yourself sometime on Sunday to prepare for the next day. Go through quickly what needs to be done on Monday. Be mentally prepared.

5. Don't leave packing till Monday morning

Pack all the things you need to bring by Sunday night. Leave few or nothing to pack on Monday morning. If there is anything that you cannot pack the night before, such as morning papers or sandwich, make a note. Most people are not very good at remembering things on Monday mornings.

6. Decide what to wear

Gentlemen, take note, this is not just a problem for the ladies. Get ready what to wear so that you only have to jump into your suit. You would not want to space-out in front of your wardrobe on Monday mornings.

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7. Recap your routine

This might sound a little silly
but it is helpful. Go through your Monday morning routine the night before. For eg. shower by 6.00 am, breakfast by 6.30 am and hit the road by 7.00 am. This would help your mind adjust to your weekday routine.

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8. Don't sleep in on Monday morning

The urge is strong but lingering in bed will only make your Monday more miserable. Get out of bed the moment you wake up. Try not to draw your curtains. Let the sunlight fill the room as it helps to tune your bio clock.

9. Have some happy thoughts

Think of something happy on Monday morning. Feeling grateful for what you have brings about a positive mood. On the contrary, if you wake up cursing at the day, you are destined to be greeted by a gloomy day ahead.

10. Stay away from the blues

Lastly, if you meet anyone feeling Monday blues, forward this article to them. Helping someone is always a nice way to perk your day. However, if you do not feel like helping anyone, stay away from the 'blue people'. Monday blues can be contagious.

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Common sense, right? Unfortunately, common sense is commonly known but rarely practiced. From now on, just remember that there is nothing evil about Mondays. Between Monday blues and happy hues, the choice is entirely yours.

YOU decide.

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"I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet."
~ Denis Waitely ~

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