Monday, May 10, 2010

Mistakes in Dealing with Mistakes

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I make mistakes. Who doesn't?

Most people brood over mistakes they make. Some of these mistakes keep them awake for many nights. They feel upset and sorry that things turn out that way. They may even find some of these mistakes earth-shattering (at least at that point in time).
However, given the same mistakes, some people may simply shrug them off.

Why the difference?

The answer can't be any simpler: It is the way we focus on the matter.

Things look humongous if we put them right before our eyes. However, moving them away would simply make them look tinier.

Many things that bother us today really won't matter much 10 years from now. If we fuss over them, we would spend much precious energy over things that matter less over time. In other words, our energy goes to waste.

However, if we pour our energy on things that matter now and in 10 years' time (or even after that), the return is more handsome.

Make a list of things that matter now and in time to come. These things are usually related to:

1. Physical and mental health
2. Wellness of loved ones
3. Lifelong learning
4. Making friends and networking

We can have many specific items under each aspect. For example, under "Physical and mental health", we can list down:

1. Exercising at least once a week

2. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables

3. Reading an inspiring story

4. Doing self reflection

The next time you are bothered by a mistake you have made, ask yourself this question:

"Will this matter 10 years from now?"

Most of the time, the answer is 'No'.
Instead of playing self-pity, take out your list and pick an item or two. Work on them for a while. Getting something done, no matter how briefly, would make you feel a sense of achievement. At the same time, while you are working on them, you would take your mind away from what might otherwise bother you.

Learn to look at big pictures. Focus on things that would matter in years to come. Don't fuss over small stuff.

Come on, in 2020, who will remember that you lost that business deal because you missed the deadline?

Go, make your list now.

"A bad day is just a day when you have been thinking more negative thoughts than positive ones."
~ Unknown ~

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