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How to Meet People, Anytime and Anywhere

How to meet people:
One of the most important skills you ever need.

When we were little, adults would caution us not to talk to strangers. Are you still lugging that baggage and have problems meeting people?

We grew up carrying with us a certain level of apprehension towards approaching a total stranger or people we know little about. Some of us moved on and learn to meet new people but others need some help.

The skill of knowing how to meet people can impact the quality of your social life and the bottom-line of your business. It is not effortless and neither is it beyond reach. With some practice, you can meet people anytime and anywhere.

Here are some ways to meet people. Give them a try and find out what works for you: 

Make the first move proactively. [Pic]

12 Have a proactive attitude

This is one of the key success ingredients in meeting people. You are responsible for your own social life and you would need to work on it. From now on, take note of your meeting encounters and check who usually makes the first move.

11 Build up self-confidence

Self-confidence is the result of self-perception. They way you interpret information received from feedback and body language will affect the level of your self confidence.

10 Handle the fear of rejection

The fear of rejection is worse than the rejection itself. It is usually a show-stopper. Before you make your first move, remind yourself that you have nothing to lose. So what if there is no reciprocity for your initial 'Hi"? Take some risk and don't anticipate rejection.

Small talks need not be superficial and boring. [Pic]

9 Learn to make small talks

Some say small talks are superficial and boring. I prefer to describe them as light and harmless. Before you can plunge deeper into any relationship, you ought to begin from the shallow end. When making small talks, give everyone an equal chance to say something.

8 Get ready something to offer

This is a good leverage to approach other people. If you are good at something, you can offer some advice. If you bake, you can offer a little treat. Caution: I said 'offer', not 'impose'.

7 Prepare self introduction

It may seem easy talking about yourself but some preparation is recommended. Some of us tend to talk too much about self and others prefer to preserve total privacy. Be mentally prepared on what you want to say about yourself. You need not disclose everything but stay truthful in what you say.

Be prepared to offer something. [Pic]

6 Be a good conversationalist

Prolonged silence can be creepily awkward. A good conversationalist keeps things flowing and yet avoids being too domineering.

5 Respect boundaries

We are talking about initial meetings with people who are total strangers or with little familiarity. You ought to observe some social norms and stick to the acceptable boundaries. For example, extended eye contact, excessive physical closeness and imposing personal questions are big no-no's.

4 Be interested

Have some curiosity and find out more about the people you meet. It is a thin line between being interested in a person and being intrusive. If you do not practice, you can't get better at gauging it.

You need not be a Mr. Know-It-All.
Some sensing of what is going on helps.

3 Be informed

It can be embarrassing not knowing what is being said most of the time, especially when you are the only odd ball around. Do keep abreast of current affairs and issues that affect us.

2 Be receptive

Others may hold a different view, which may seem radical to you. While you need not agree to that, there is no justification to start an argument, however mild it might seem. If it gets too uncomfortable, you can always switch to other conversation topics.

1 Learn to read body language

The problem with body language reading is not the lack of expertise. Sometimes, we may be too self-absorbed that we fail to observe what others are telling us through body language. Do pay attention and take the cue to respond appropriately.

You can meet people anytime, anywhere. [Pic]

Where to meet people?


Classes, social events, public places, workplace, interest groups and volunteer works are just some avenues. I am talking about meeting real people, not those over the Internet. So, you would need to get out of your seat and start walking towards someone.

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"The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment." (Dorothy Nevill)

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