Monday, July 18, 2011

Be a "Better Me" Everyday

"Wherever you are, whatever your age you're only
a thought away from changing your life." (Wayne Dyer)

Need some motivation?

The answer is always 'yes'. No one ever complains about having too much motivation. However, some of us may have wondered why some people are often more motivated than others. First of all, let's see what you think of the more motivated people.
When you compare yourself with those individuals, what are your immediate thoughts?
  • "He has a more supportive family"?
  • "He has more encouraging friends"?
  • "He has a more understanding boss"?
.. or do you simply dismiss it as "He is luckier and is bothered by less troubles"?

We become what we think and believe [Pic]

You are who you think you are

We seldom point the questions to ourselves. Instead, we make unhelpful comments such as:
  • "I am born like that."
  • "I am not an important member."
  • "I am not worthy of a promotion."
  • "I am not attractive to others."
If you usually do what I have just described, you are doing things the other way round. You focus on the perceived goodness in the surrounding rather than on yourself. At the same time, you are over critical of yourself. That probably explains why you are not as motivated.

Self-dialogue shapes your subconscious mind. [Pic]

Positive self-talk is the way

Your level of motivation would have been very different if you choose to 'converse' with yourself this way:
  • "What has he done right that I have not?"
  • "What is the one thing I can do differently, immediately?"
  • "I can be better in (something) if I try hard enough."
  • "I am unique in my own way and I have my own niche."
Making positive self-talk allows you to explore your subconscious self.

You are very much controlled by your subconscious mind and your behaviors are shaped by what you subconsciously believe. However, many of us are not fully aware of what goes on in our mind.

No one can make you frustrated if you are not 'programmed' to feel frustrated by another person's action. Things around you don't make you frustrated but your subconscious mind does.

Your behavior is controlled by your subconscious mind. [Pic]

The good news is that our mind can be re-programmed. To feel motivated, you would need to discard your dis-empowering beliefs. Make positive self-talk your way of life and see your subconscious mind being shaped into energy-charging beliefs.

According to the 'Law of Repetition', you would reinforce what you repeatedly do. You will not be fully convinced of the need to change unless your subconscious mind agrees to change. When you repeatedly 'talk' to your subconscious mind, you reinforce the positive idea and make it permanent.

Give up the ideal of "I want to be the best" for it does not necessarily mean much. Instead, strive to be a "Better Me" everyday. It is important that you keep your motivation level decent. An automobile without fuel is not going to go anywhere.

I hope this article makes a 'better you' in some way.

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"I don't think much of individuals who are not wiser today than they were yesterday. ~ Abraham Lincoln

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