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Self Dialog: Look Who's Talking?

Self dialog is a habit. Get it right. [Pic]

Let's talk about 'talking to yourself'. There is nothing schizophrenic about what I am about to say. Read on.

You have self dialogs all the time and you are mostly unaware of it. It is no different from any other dialog you have with another. In this case, you are talking to 'another person' in you.

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself? [Pic]

Characteristics of self dialogs

1. Argument

You argue with youself to come to an agreed position. You do this because you might have too much information or too little. You are confused and you want to sort out the mess.

2. Agree to disagree

Self dialog may not always be conclusive. It may end with a disagreement and 'both of you' agree to come back another time.

3. Negative mood

You tend to do more self dialogs when you are feeling down.

4. Choices

We have many daily choices to make. Some of these are quick and easy but some take some deliberation. You have self dialogs when making choices.

Positive self dialog makes you happy. [Pic]

Self dialogs affect your happiness

Self dialog is about choosing your thoughts. Given the same circumstances, two individuals may derive different levels of happiness. The difference is the choices they make in their self dialogs.

There are always two sides of things. Talk yourself out to always look at the brighter side of things. It requires some practice before it becomes a habit.

One of the ways is to think of something important which you may have momentarily taken for granted. For example, your eyesight. Ask yourself "What if I lose it right now?". Remind yourself that some people are born without or may have lost it. Take a gratuitous moment and try to feel their pain.

Your ability to always take the more positive side of things makes you more upbeat and happier.

Negative self dialog makes you feel unwell emotionally.  [Pic]

Self dialogs affect your health

Very often, our physical disorders originate from mental or emotional causes. Put it simply, if you think you are very illl, you are very ill.

To some extent, positive self dialog makes you feel healthier. If you choose your thoughts and tell yourself that things are not that bad, your body would listen and the discomfort would be reduced. I suppose this is why placebo treatment is sometimes offered to patients.

Even if you are well and healthy, negative self dialogs can stress your days. Eventually, you body will protest as the stress level mounts.

Choose compassion over hatred. [Pic]

Self dialogs affect your personality

By changing your thoughts, you would immediately become a nicer (or nastier) person. Positive self dialog involves seeing things from the perspective of others. If you choose compassion over hatred, you are likely to behave in a more pleasant manner.

Interestingly, as a nicer person, you tend to be treated in the same way too. This in turn improves the quality of your life.

Self dialog is not about lying to yourself

Be honest. If you make it unbelievable, the dialog will be too unrealistic to cause any effect.

For example, if you have been having a difficult relationship with a person, it will not be convincing to tell yourself that he is the best person you have ever met. Instead, in your inner dialogs, focus on what he as done positively for you.

Use positive words in your self dialog. [Pic]

Choose your words

Positive self dialog is all about choosing the right set of words. Try to recall some of the recent self dialogs you have had. Check your words. Do they tend to be negative or positive?

You can learn to replace negative words or expressions with positive ones.

For examples:

Replace "I am old and tired. I am good for nothing." with "Compared to tomorrow, I am a day younger today. There are still many things I can do. I shall do them well and live today to the fullest."

Stopping negative thoughts begins with self-awareness. As you notice yourself saying negative stuff in your head, shout 'Stop' aloud. Do it often and you will become more conscious with your choice of thoughts.

You can read more about "Choose Your Words" posted earlier.

Practise positive self dialog.
It is never too late to start now.

As you are reading this, you have been talking to yourself at the same time. What did you say? Need to replace any of those with more positive ones?

Food for thought. Positive thoughts.

"Wherever you are, whatever your age you're only a thought away from changing your life." ~Wayne Dyer~

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