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A Pet is for Life

Be a responsible pet owner. [Pic]

At the SPCA, an average of 600 animals are taken in every month. Some are lost pets but many are abandoned or given up.

Some simple numbers taken from the SPCA website:

"In 2010, we took in 7,597 animals. These included unwanted pets (cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters) and strays (cats and dogs). 1,412 of the animals we received were pedigree dogs. On average, only 33 dogs, 37 cats and 29 small animals are adopted from the SPCA each month."

The numbers in earlier years are not good-looking too: 
  • 2007: 9,487
  • 2008: 8,738
  • 2009: 7,678

Give a homeless animal a second chance. [Pic]

This gives us some sensing on the scale of the problem. Yet, we are just looking at one animal welfare organization. There are many more in Singapore and they too have a consistent story to tell.

This is what you get out of ignorance and irresponsibility.

The cuteness of little animals often attract instant fondness for them. Unfortunately, when reality sinks in and when they out-grow their cuteness, their fates change.

Don't buy pets on the spur of
the moment.

It is also common to find great enthusiasm in getting animals related to the zodiac of the lunar year or buy a bunny for Easter. The sale of puppies soars in the Year of the Dog and the same for bunnies in the Year of the Rabbit.

Many of these animals do not get the attention they need after the initial excitement wears off. Their impulsive or ill-informed owners resort to giving them up at the shelters or simply abandon them on the streets.

I believe this happens everyday, everywhere.

Many pedigrees are given up each year. [Pic]

The fate of the pedigrees are not necessarily better. SPCA took in 7,597 animals in 2010. 1,412 of them were pedigree dogs. It always perplexes me to see unprepared and impulsive pet owners spend a fortune on pedigrees only to discard them later.

Owning a pet is a lifetime of commitment. We are talking about their lives and we are talking about our responsibility. Before you become a pet owner, be informed first. Consider adoption. Don't buy.

A pet is for life. Help spread the words.

Here are some pictures taken from the Singapore SPCA Cattery.

Many animals in the shelters are waiting for adoption. [Pic]

Not every animal is suitable for adoption. [Pic]

Due to low level of adoptions, a large number of
animals are put to sleep each month.

Around 20,000 cats and dogs are put down
every year in Singapore. (AVA)

Culling the strays need not be the only solution. [Pic]

Sterilization can help to control the
number of strays.

A pet can cost you thousands of dollars
in its lifetime.

Culling stray cats not the way: Khaw [Pic]

Cats are banned in HDB flats.  [Pic]

Many await a reversal of the HDB ruling.  [Pic]

A little animal is a not a soft toy.
Don't buy it as a gift. 

Keeping a pet comes with its responsibilities.
It is not unlike having a child.

A single female cat takes just 7 years to be the
source of 20,000 new kittens! (SPCA)

Everyone can help promote kindness
towards animals. 

A pet is a lifetime of commitment.
A dog or a cat will live 10-20 years

Animals given up to the SPCA may be
put to sleep in 24 hours.

SPCA distributes free sterilization vouchers
to the public.

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"If we cannot be clever, we can always be kind."  ~Alfred Fripp~

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endy smith said...

Hi, guys! If you have a pet, you're not lonely. You have someone to care about, spend evenings and talk to. I believe pets are best people's friends. We should never leave them as they're so insecure