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You Are in a Top Ten List

Motivate yourself with your very own
personal 'top 10' lists

I see 'Top 10' of everything and anything everywhere.

When a top 10 list of any kind is drawn up, it instantly earns some unexplained authority and respect. It can become so believable that it is unbelievable.

Sometimes, I like to goof around in Top Tenz just to be amazed by the weirdest kind of top 10 lists. Who would have thought of coming up with "Top 10 Ant Enemies" or "Top 10 Feral Children"? So bizarre.

YOG 2010 mascots, Lyo & Merly [Pic]

I chanced upon "Top 10 Worst Olympic Mascots" and I just had to check it out. I wanted to know if Lyo and Merly, our mascots for the 1st Youth Olympics (2010, Singapore) were in it. They were not simply because the list was compiled in 2008. But then again, why should the opinion of the contributor matter at all to me? 

There you go, I was lured by the charm of 'top 10' simply because someone said those are in the top 10.

The magic of 'top 10' does not stop there. You can use the 'top 10' phenomenon in your personal life too and see how it boosts your motivation and confidence. When you draw up a list, be sure to label it positively. "My top 10 favorite childhood friends" is definitely more helpful than "My top 10 most hated neighbors".

A positive personal 'top 10' list can change
your life perspectives.

When you draw up your own positive 'top 10' lists, you would consciously remind yourself of all the good things you once had or still have. You would begin to feel grateful that your life is filled with goodness. Your attention is then drawn to people and things that encourage you and your mind is free from unhelpful self condemnation (albeit temporarily). In a way, 'top 10' list can be used as a tool to recharge.

Here are 10 examples of useful 'top 10' list you can compile:
  1. "My top 10 sweet childhood memories"
  2. "My top 10 favorite teachers"
  3. "My top 10 most inspiring persons in my life"
  4. "My top 10 moments I feel most proud of"
  5. "My top 10 mistakes I have avoided"
  6. "My top 10 inspiring movies I have watched"
  7. "My top 10 lessons learned in life"
  8. "My top 10 public figures I admire"
  9. "My top 10 decisions I am glad I have made"
  10. "My top 10 favorite quotes"
To wrap up, I shall share "My top 10 reasons for telling you the usefulness of top 10 list" ...

Because I want you to know that:
10. You should not just believe in any top 10 list.
9. Top 10 list can be lame or insightful, so go for the latter.
8. You can have your own personal top 10 lists.
7. You can use your void time and draw up a personal top 10 list.

... and if your personal top 10 list is crafted positively, it
6. can motivate you.
5. can be a powerful life enhancement tool.
4. can be shared to inspire someone.
3. can be your route to realize the power of gratitude
2. can shape your life perspectives

... most importantly,
1. You are top 10 in many ways and you just have not noticed.

All of us are winners in our own right. [Pic]

All of us are winners in our own right. However, we often make ourselves losers simply by choosing to think like one. Phrases such as "I will never gonna make it" and "I am good for nothing" are poisons to our minds. Be careful not to let them creep in your head.

Why not start drawing up your very first 'top 10' list that goes "My top 10 reasons why I am a winner"? I hope one of the reasons is ..."because I choose to read this article" and I hope it has helped you.

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"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." ~ Carlos Castaneda

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