Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Yourself a "Cheer Up' First Aid Kit

How do you handle your moments of blues? [Pic]
Last week was a rather trying one for me.

Nothing unusual actually happened. However, there are times when all the planets are aligned, you feel a stronger gravity of life testing your endurance.

Such moments are commonly experienced. Many people would naturally indulge themselves in personal rants. Unfortunately, bitching around isn't the smartest thing to do. It may look like you are erasing your blues or lightening your stress. But, as soon as your ranting stops, you find yourself retreating back to your moody self.

It is alright to experience blues but it is not alright not knowing how to handle such moments. Friends would say "Cheer Up!" but few would tell you what that really means.

"CHEER UP!", is it really easier
said than done?

My suggestion is that you prepare a "Cheer Up" first aid kit. Just like the one in your cabinet, this 'first aid kit' should contain a slew of reliefs and treatments. You wouldn't want to start looking for bandages after you get a cut. Be ready.

The next time your are having a down moment, a bad day or a moody week, turn to your carefully prepared kit and get some help. However, if you need more than temporary or symptomatic reliefs, turn to the professionally trained people for help. You probably need to do more than just 'cheering up'.
    Here are some of the stuff I have in my "Cheer Up" first aid kit. Prepare one for yourself: 

    1. Listen to favorite music. [See 'Music : My Multivites']
    2. Sip a good cup of coffee. [See 'Not For The Insomniac' and 'Caffeinism? Nay!']
    3. Take a deep breath.
    4. Write with pen and paper.
    5. Go for a night swim.

    Dark chocolate: The happy food. [Pic]

    6. Have some dark chocolates.
    7. Read a few inspiring quotes.
    8. Whip out my camera and shoot some pictures.
    9. Write down three things I have done well.
    10. Complete something on my to-do-list.
    Watching little children play can be therapeutic. [Pic]

    11. Watch little children play.
    12. Listen to a moving TED speech.
    13. Think of something positive and go over it several times. [See 'You Are Your Worst Enemy']
    14. Visit my favorite restaurant.
    15. Watch my favorite MTVs.

    House cat Oreo. [Pic]

    16. Pat our house cats.
    17. Read an inspiring story. [see 'The Last Lecture']
    18. Think of three good things that happened in the last 24 hours.
    19. Say 'thank you' to someone who has been helpful to me. [See 'Sometimes, I Forget...']
    20. Watch a happy movie.

    Take a walk. Doing some light exercises
    can improve your mood. 

    21. Take a long relaxing walk in the park.
    22. Help someone in need.
    23. Make someone laugh.
    24. Play a musical instrument.
    25. Doodle something humorous. 

    "Tough times never last,
    but tough people do." ~ Robert Shuller

    My list can go on but the point here is to show you how a 'cheer up' first aid kit may look like. You may find some of the items in my kit useful but you should customize one. If you have a dog, you can add 'Walk my dog' and if you find short naps helpful then pack in "Take 40 winks". How about "Read a gripping novel" and "Go through photos of happy moments"? The idea is not a sophisticated one and I am sure you are well able to draw up your own list.

    Constantly review the usefulness of the items and find better 'treatment' to be included. You would have noticed that most of the stuff in the kit cost you very little or nothing at all. I did not say you have to walk down a shopping street looking for Hermès. In fact, material things are seldom effective as a cure.

    The next time the going gets tough, just turn to your 'cheer up' first aid kit. Don't bitch around.
    "Troubles are inevitable but misery is optional." ~Joel Osteen~

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