Monday, September 6, 2010

The Time is Always Right to Write


I posted my 300th article here last week and I am moving on to the next.

Writing is a very age old thing and existed since the pre-historic time. Simply, it is a systematic way to communicate using symbols. The early 'writings' were done more in the form of drawing but a system of using symbols in writing gradually evolved.

The cave men wrote because they needed to communicate. They needed to tell others a story even during those times when they were not present to do so orally. Today, the reasons for writing have not changed very much.


We write in many ways.

1. Good old pen and paper

This has existed for a long time and it will probably be around for a very long time more. However, due to the proliferation of other media, this conventional method of writing is taking a back seat today.

2. Typewriter and paper

If you have not used or seen a typewriter before, you are probably rather young. The invention of typewriter changed the way we write. Instead of inscribing the words with a pen, we 'hammer' the letters on a paper with our fingers.
3. Type and display

When computer became a common sight in our homes and offices, we write with a keyboard, similar to those found on typewriters. Instead of paper, the writing is shown on a display screen. This way of writing changes a few established concepts. For example, we no longer correct a mistake using an eraser or a liquid corrector. Instead, we hit the 'backspace' or 'delete' button.

See article: "The Quirky QWERTY".

4. Soft type and display

Keyboards have gone virtual. Now we can 'write' by typing on computer screens which display the image of a keyboard. With this, we fuse the keyboard into the screen and thus making our gizmos more snugly. However, with virtual keyboards, it also means that we can no longer do touch typing.

5. Finger or pen-based writing

It seems that some people still like to write instead of type. So, some computers allow us to 'write' with a stylus or our fingers. By mimicking writing with a pen, we 'write' by tracing over the screen. Thanks to handwriting recognition applications.
I am sure the way we write will further evolve and the possibilities are only limited by our imagination. Coming up soon, I expect to be able to write on projection keyboards. These are virtual keyboards which can be projected on any surface and after that, you just type on it. Now, that sounds cool.

I started blogging here two years ago for a simple reason: To write. I still write on conventional media using pen and paper. It is therapeutic to write and at the same time, I think and I learn as I reflect the day.

Occasionally, I do mirror image writing. In that way, I get to heighten my awareness. As I slow down my thoughts to keep pace with my writing, I internalize more of what I write.

See article: "It feels Right to Write".


If you do not write on a regular basis, try it. For that, I do not mean the stiff corporate reports and business emails which you have to prepare at work. Try writing as you think and see how you gradually internalize ideas which will help you shape the habits that you have always wanted.

Besides pen and paper, there are so many other ways to write. You can practically do it on the fly. The time is always right to write

"If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don't remove it.
I might be writing in my dreams."
~ Terri Guillemets ~


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