Monday, September 20, 2010

Ten Things That Inspire Me

"Inspiration" is any stimulus to creative thought or action.

You might be thinking that you need something or someone special to inspire you. Not quite. Inspiration can come from almost anything. Oftentimes, it can come from something small and seemingly insignificant.

There are many things in life that could bother you: work pressure, family problems, financial strain, a difficult marriage or illness. Having a little inspiration every now and then will certainly do you good.

Many things inspire me and here are 10 examples:

1. Writing

Writing is like an act of lubricating my brain. I have many random thoughts all the time. If these thoughts are put in perspective, they can be inspiring. Writing allows me to do just that.
2. Babies

Holding their perfectly developed little toes and fingers somehow inspire so much hope. Each time I spend a little moment watching a sleeping baby, a sense of calmness also sets in and draws new inspiration.

3. An act of kindness

The image of a child helping a frail old man is both touching and inspiring. A random act of kindness, when observed, often gently reminds me that I can always give a little more.


4. Young shoots

They look fragile and insignificant amidst the vast nature. It is precisely this reason that I find young shoots enwrap so much miracle which we often overlook.

5. Volunteers

Something must have inspired those amazing people to volunteer for some good causes. Their acts of volunteerism demonstrate so much selflessness that I am reminded to count my blessing.


6. Budding flowers

A flower bud is humble looking even though it is about to become a beauty pageant. It is nature's way to give a wrapped present waiting to surprise me.

7. Positive people

Nothing is more annoying that being around negative people. They sap my precious energy and leave me little good for the rest of the day. I prefer to stick around positive people and feel the energy lifts me to a new height.

"When you have purpose, you don’t have time for negativity." ~ Mark Victor Hansen


8. Photographs

'A photograph is a portrait painted by the sun', so they say. It freezes a moment which is never to be repeated, ever. No matter how a photograph is taken, it tells a story. I particularly like close-up (macro) photographs. They remind me that no details are ever too small and insignificant.

9. Children's drawing

A drawing by an innocent child is refreshing. It offers a new perspective forgotten by or not known to adults. We need to renew our perspectives from time to time to make room for new ideas.

10. Being inspirational

This may sound circular. It always inspires me when I am being inspirational to others (that is, if I am aware that I have been so). Inspiring others is a form of giving. I have been the beneficiary of great inspiration and I certainly would like to pass the same to others.


So what inspires you? Give it a thought and seek your source of inspiration. You need it so that your days are filled with the much needed energy to overcome difficulties.

I hope this article gives you a little inspiration.

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." ~ William Arthur Ward ~

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