Monday, September 13, 2010

Picture Blog #14 : Don't Just Leave the Leaves Alone

Magic, unfolding. [Link]

Most of us are only that observant but we can always do better.

When we visit gardens and parks, we are often attracted to colorful flowers, beautiful sculptures, chirpy birds and perhaps, some uninvited creepy crawlies. Few would pay much attention to the leaves. Would you?

In botany, a leaf is an important organ of a plant responsible for photosynthesis. For this reason, leaves are usually green, flat and large in numbers. Because of them, we loosely term nature as 'greenery'. They form the backdrop so that the flowers can stand out to lure pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

Singapore may be a highly urbanized city but it is also well known for being a green city with many parks. Here are 25 pictures of leaves which I have taken during my numerous visits to the parks. If we could just pay a little more attention to the leaves, they have many stories to tell too.

In photography, almost everything can be photogenic.

The heart in nature [Link]

The birth of a new life. [Link]

Leaves are amazing 'factories',
turning sunlight into energy. [Link]

Leaves are 'nondescript'
so that the flowers can be 'outstanding'. [Link]

Through photosynthesis,
leaves 'make' oxygen so that we live. [Link]

Leaves have interesting shapes
which interest not just the geometricians. [Link]

Leaves have one of the best
distribution networks on Earth. [Link]

Do you become observant
only when you look for a 4-leaf clover? [Link]

Leaves provide shelters.
They keep those beneath cool. [Link]

Leaves can be huge.
You need little effort to notice them [Link]

Leaves can be floating solar panels too. [Link]

Nothing goes to waste.
Decayed leaves send nutrients back to soil. [Link]

Leaves are umbrellas in nature. [Link]

Leaves may look 'angry'.
They are merely protecting themselves [Link]

Leaves provide a food source for many.
You are one of the main beneficiaries. [Link]

Leaves can be elegant too,
if you do not stereotype them. [Link]

Each leaf is important.
They have the whole Earth to feed. [Link]

Leaves can look messy or orderly.
It depends on your point of view. [Link]

Leaves can be artistic or boring.
The artist in you will decide. [Link]

Leaves can be mysterious,
if you choose not to know them. [Link]

Leaves are not always green
and they make autumn beautiful. [Link]

Whether you believe in angels or not,
young leaves are miraculous. [Link]

Even the tiniest leaf
can give you the most refreshing sight. [Link]

With a little imagination,
some leaves could be smiling at you. [Link]

“Nature will bear the closest inspection. 
She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, 
and take an insect view of its plain.” 
~ Henry David Thoreau ~

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Thanks for the beautiful pictures... Love the clover one especially.

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