Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Picture Blog #6 : Bubu The Cat (1)

A picture blog series would not be complete without comics.

Comics as an art form, is appreciated by a wide spectrum of people and it transcends cultural, language, age and gender barriers.

Comics can be a sequence of drawing in several frames or they can be self-contained in just one. They can be a long illustration on paper medium and read like a book. They can also be animated and made into movies. They can be light-hearted but are also capable of flaming intense emotions. They can be humorous and they can also be satirical. I can go on...

I find it difficult to affix a definition. Comics are so nimble and they can depict almost anything. Giving it a definition is like trying to clamp down the shapeless and borderless characteristics of comics. It is just like an elephant. You know it when you see one but defining it will make the whole matter less understood.

I shall not attempt to give more explanation on what 'comics' are. I am sure you know, whoever you are. Let's move on to what you can expect in this picture blog.

This will be the start of a comics series featuring Gouache and Bubu.

About Gouache

Gouache is a 14-year old dreamer whose passion (besides day-dreaming) is visual arts. Gouache is the owner of Bubu and the illustrator of this comics series.

About Bubu

Bubu is an over-weight and lazy ginger cat. He was found four years ago in Gouache's school ground when he was only 3 days old. Gouache hand-raised him from a scrawny little kitten to a humongous 9-kg gentle giant he is now.

About The Comics

Bubu is not so eco-friendly. Through him, Gouache will bring some simple but important messages on what we can do to help save the Planet Earth. Nothing earth-shattering. Nothing you cannot do.

I hope you will get to know Bubu more and learn useful but usually forgotten eco-friendly lessons from him.

Together, we can help save the only Earth we all share.

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"Modern technology
Owes ecology
An apology."
~Alan M. Eddison~

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