Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picture Blog #4 : Still Complaining?

I received an email with the header "The Best Email of the Year".

It is an email with few but powerful words. It is an email with images which punch stern reminders. It is an email which we all should read.

I have duplicated the email in this picture blog. Take a look at each picture and give it a thought.

If you are often feeling unhappy, take stock, reflect and be thankful. If you have friends who are upset over something not insurmountable, share this with them.

Think about it: Why waste our lives being whiny and complaining about trivialities? The energy spent on whining can be put to better use. We need not be talented to learn the 'Art of Happiness'. All we need to do is to count. Our willingness (note here I say willingness and not ability) to count our blessing is a good start in our pursuit of happiness. Try it.

I tried to check how this email has become 'The Best Email of the Year' but to no avail. From the message given, the originator has wanted the email to be circulated as widely as possible. I am sure many have done so by forwarding the email. In this picture blog, I will take the message a step further and have it circulated within the blogosphere. Hopefully, it will reach out to even more people.

Whoever is the originator, thank you for putting these messages together.

Help to spread the words!

"When you are grateful
fear disappears and abundance appears”
~Anthony Robbins~

This is also found in Youtube.

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