Saturday, October 24, 2009

The '350' Global Warming Alert

Today is 'International Day of Climate Action' (24 Oct 2009).

If you are going 'what's that?', you should read on. You will find out why it is an important day and why you should know more and do more. Everyone can and should get involved.

The 'International Day of Climate Action' is organized by It is 'an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis - the solutions that science and justice demand.'

Why 350?

Scientists have identified '350 parts per million (ppm)' to be the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. In other words, if the air we breath in contains more CO2 than that level, we are doing damage to ourselves.

Guess what? We have already surpassed the 350 ppm level.

We are now at 390 ppm.
Don't worry, we are not about to die soon. BUT, if we continue to do nothing, in time, our children will and our grand-children will.

The situation now is as if we have been warned that we are over-weight and that our cholesterol level is too high. We can continue our current lifestyle while waiting for disasters to hit us or we can choose to take control.

Global warming can be a mere cliche if you choose to be ignorant. Whether you like it or not, global warming is happening at a faster rate than before. It is not happening through the acts of God. Rather, humans are responsible for getting the Earth into this state.

Global warming is caused by releasing 'greenhouse' gases into the atmosphere. One of the most common greenhouse gas is CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Mother Earth has cleverly put in the right amount of everything for us, not too much nor too little. This perfect balance is the very reason why life is possible on Earth. Global warming destabilizes this balance. We only need a few degrees change in temperature and many things will go out of whack.

Many of us contribute to global warming through our daily routine. We turn on the lights, we use the air-conditioners to cool down our rooms and we drive around and burn petrol fuel.

We can all switch off the lights once in a while but that is not going to help in a significant way. Scientists say we have little time. We would need continuous effort of a global scale and we have no more time to lose.

We have to act now.

Great effort is required to replace coal plants with solar panels and replenishing the depleting rainforests with newly planted trees. There are many other 'big' solutions which require global collaboration to bring out their effectiveness.

'' have chosen this day ahead of the upcoming UN Climate talks in Copenhagen in December. Leaders around the world will be coming together for an agreement on a carbon emissions treaty. It is important that we know why they are meeting and how their decision is going to affect us all.

Individuals can do little to bring changes big enough to slow down global warming. We need to do more than just switching off the lights. A lot more!

We can help to spread the words and build greater awareness. If we can bring more people to know about issues of global warming, we can send stronger signals to the politicians on what we really want. When one speaks, it is a whimper but when many do, it will be a roar.

Many people are taking action on the 'International Day of Climate Action'.

The students at the Florida Gulf University did their part by planting 350 cypress trees on the university’s campus.

Over at Beijing, China, 350 cyclists will ride through the streets today, starting at the iconic Bell and Drum towers, passing the Workers’ Gymnasium, and arriving at the Beijing City International School.

Those are just a couple of examples of the how people have come on-board to support the cause. There more than 4000 events planned in more than 170 countries for this day. You might want to find out more about some iconic events taking place around the world.

Over here in Singapore, activities will be organized to help spread the global warming message to the people on this little island:

Aerial Photograph

At 8 am, hundreds will gather at Hong Lim Park to form the number '350' using their bodies. This massive formation will be captured by a photographer lifted 12m into the air.


At 10am, a mini walkathon will take the route from Hong Lim Park to the Singapore Management University (SMU).

These events are organised/supported by ECO Singapore, Vegetarian Society Singapore and The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES). Check the Singapore map to find out other events in Singapore.

For information click here.

You can check the world map for events in other parts of the world. It does not matter where you are, we are sharing the same Earth. Share this video, "In Every Corner of the Globe" with your friends and let everyone know that each of us have our part to play.

It is through our awareness that our political leaders find the need to make meaningful political change.

Finally, if you are on Twitter, you can show your support by adding a Twibbon on your Twitter avatar.

Pass this article to your friends.

"The earth is what we all have in common."
~Wendell Barry~

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