Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey You, Globularist!

We refer to our entire Earth as global for a reason - it is spherical.

We were taught in school that the Earth is a sphere with a moon going around it and together they go around the sun. We have seen images of the Earth in books and on television. We have seen globe models in school and at home. We have never doubted that the Earth is not spherical, or have we?

During the ancient time, people believed that the Earth is flat like a piece of paper or an infinite plane. What you have learned in school would have suggested absurdity to such an idea. At about 4th Century BC, ancient Greek scientists and philosophers started to provide evidence that the Earth was a sphere.

Interestingly, the flat Earth idea never die and today there are still followers of this ancient theory. The Flat Earth Society is an organization that believe that the world is flat. The "flat-earther" are not joking when they tell you that the Earth is flat and horizontally infinite.

At their
website, the Flat Earth Society explains why they think that the Earth is flat. They are aware that the vast majority says otherwise but they claim that they know the truth. You are welcome to join them as a member provided you pass their rigorous entrance exam first. As a member you would be expected to help to re-educate the masses.

40 years ago, on 24 Dec 1968, the crew of the Apollo 8 saw 'Earthrise' from outer space for the first time. The visualization of the blue marble would be hard proof to overrule the flat Earth theory, I thought. Somehow, the flat-earthers believe that the Earth image taken from the space is fake and the whole idea is a giant conspiracy by space agencies, governments and scientists.

The modern flat-earthers have scientific reasons to support their belief. They feel that we should not just take things at face value. They refer to us as the globularists and warned that it is not right to just accept what we are told, no matter how much it goes against our senses. They know that people are definitely prejudiced against flat-earthers but they remain staunch in their belief.

Where are you now? Are you close to being convinced that there is a possibility that the Earth might just be flat, as they have claimed? May be not yet. You probably have some burning questions to quiz the flat-earthers. They can understand your initial skepticism and they have all the
answers ready for you.

It will take me awhile to appreciate what they are trying to say. However, one thing is apparent to me - they mean what they say!

In this modern times, the term 'flat-earther' is used to describe someone who is ignorant in a big way, probably willfully. Now, I understand why that is so.

I am raised as a globularist. I do not see myself being converted to a flat-earther just like that. I think I will continue to think global.

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