Saturday, December 20, 2008

A 365-Page Book Of Yesteryear

The year is coming to an end and something seems to be amiss.

Not too many years ago, I would have received several copies of complementary diaries. So far, no one has given me any (not that I need one). Why? Could it be the economic downturn or those things have become passe? I would think it's both.

Not many people need these conventional tactile diaries in these days of digital gadgetry. With people carrying common wizardry such as PDAs and mobile phones, the traditional diaries look a bit too last century.

In the earlier days, diaries were very popular corporate gifts. Today, it may seem quite odd to receive one from a business associate. Somehow, many businesses have stopped giving out diaries at this time of the year and they have conveniently forgotten to continue the nice gesture by looking for a suitable substitute.

I was browsing in a book store a couple of weeks ago and there was this heap of 2009 diaries, nicely stacked at a fairly prominent spot. I took a closer look. There was nothing unusual about these diaries and in fact, they look much the same as those I used to have years back.

Looks like there are people who are still using these diaries.. hmmm.

I begin to wonder how I might put these diaries to good use if I have one. Other than using them as some glorified writing notebooks, I do not have a better idea.

These diaries are not cheap. An ordinary one will cost about S$10 and those elegant, leather-bound ones may hit S$100. Given one, I might just chuck it aside for I will not know how I might use it and whom I might give it to. After one year, I will see the dust-covered diary finds its way to the bin in an almost mint condition. What a waste!

It has reached a stage where I wish that no one would extend such a gift to me. I have no use for it. Period.

Save some trees.

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