Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reverse the Polarity - Stay Positive

Learn to stay positive in a negative world. [pic]

I won't disagree if you say we live in a negative world. 

Everyday, there seems to be more bad news in the media than anything encouraging. Good news, if any, tend to be greeted with some skepticism and suspicion. 

Closer to you, your workplace, school or home may also be filled with negativity pits. You can fall in them easily.

Negativity is very contagious. It drains your energy and reduce the quality of your life. It is just like flu bug and you wouldn't want to catch it. 

Staying positive in a negative environment is a life skill. [Pic]

Just how do you stay positive in a negative environment? 

I do not have a quick fix and I would not promise that it is simple. All I can say is that, if you start doing something about it now, it will get easier. 

There are 8 tips to start you off: 

8. Conduct self-check 
Be aware of your own behavior. Are you participating in negative actions? Does your contribution to negativity help to fuel more negativity in you? Do you really feel good after indulging in some negative whining or is it just a temporary reprieve? 

7. Stay away 
If the negative comments are directing at other people, choose not to participate. Being away from the gossip pot, you avoid being contaminated. 

6. Be constructive 
If you think you can reduce the negative energy, stay on to help. Be positive. Your constructive comments can be empowering and make everyone around feel better. Be generous with praises but be genuine at the same time. 

Train your ears to hear positive things. [Pic]

5. Hear only the good things 
If you choose to stay on to find out more, stay focused on your main objective. You want to know what you can do about it rather than making the situation worse. For every negative comment you hear, ask, "how does it affect me and what can I do about it?".

4. Learn from criticism
If the negative comments are directed at you, accept it positively with a view to learn. Ask what you could have done to avoid triggering such comments. See "Go Ahead, Criticize Me". 

Criticism is not necessary a bad thing. [Pic]

3. Avoid self-blame 
Negative comments aiming at you can be demoralizing. You will have nothing to gain if you bash yourself up. Instead, look out for things you can do better. See "How to Feel Better When Feeling Battered ?". 

2. Beat the blues 
Negativity can hit you really bad especially during the times when you are still learning how to cope with it. Meanwhile, pick up some survival tips. See "Up Your 'Feel Good Factor'". 

1. Do the LOL 
Even negative stuff can be funny if you know how to see the lighter side of things. A little humor goes a long way. Sometimes, it is a fine line between 'making our job fun' and 'making fun of our job'

Your environment is as negative as you allow it to be. [Pic]

Keep negativity low and don't let it sap precious energy from you. Just like negative energy, positive energy can also be infectious. Start small and start wherever you are. See it grow and up the energy level around you and in you. 

Staying positive in a negative environment is a life skill. Learn it early. Your environment is as negative as you allow it to be.

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." (Zig Ziglar)

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