Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

Some days you just don't feel just doing anything. [pic]

It is simple to understand why "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars is popular. (Video below)

We all can relate to how on some days, we just don't feel like doing anything. We do not usually know why but we certainly wish we can do something about it.

There is nothing wrong with feeling that way. Even positive people need some 'pick-me-ups' sometimes.

I have my fair share of such days and here are some of the things I would do to pick myself up. Try some of them and devise some of your own:

10. Play your favorite tune

Music can alter your energy level. Pick something lively to spur your mood. Avoid any blue or sombre numbers. See "Music : My Multivites"

9. Take a shower

Looking dowdy makes you feel down. Get a quick shower and do something to make yourself look refreshed. Your mood will change for the better.

8. Work on your list

Take out your to-do list. Pick the easiest task and act on it. Your quick win will give you some energy to move on to the next task. See "The Power of Small Steps".

Get out of the house for a short walk. [pic]

7. Leave the house

Bitching around in the house can only make matter worse. Get yourself out of the house and do something else. It doesn't have to be anything ambitious. A stroll along a quiet lane can do wonders. See "Up Your 'Feel Good Factor'".
6. Exercise

This is too cliche, I know. There is a good reason why this appears everywhere. Do it and you will know why.

5. Change what you say to yourself

The last thing you want to do is to further dampen your own spirit. Say empowering and positive things to yourself instead of something that makes you feel less worthy. See "Self Dialog: Look Who's Talking? " and "You Are Your Worst Enemy".

Nature can be inspiring. [pic]

4. Get some inspiration

Read an up-lifting short story or watch an inspirational video. Such a shift of perspective allows you to feel grateful and energized. See "Picture Blog #4 : Still Complaining?".

3. Don't feel sorry for yourself

Wallowing in self pity is an indulgent behavior. Much time is wasted and nothing good comes out of it. Life does not beat you. You do. See "How to Feel Better When Feeling Battered ?

2. Get yourself a little "Me Time"

This is especially so for moms. Taking care of others begins with taking care of yourself. See "A Little "Me Time" Goes A Long Way".

1. Smile

It costs you nothing but brings loads of benefits. Here are '10 benefits of smiling'.

There are many more ways to get back on track. Sometimes, a simple cup of good coffee would do the trick for me. It takes you to know you best. Do what you can to "Get Yourself a "Cheer Up' First Aid Kit". 

Instead of Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song", I shall leave you to listen to Diana Krall's "Pick Yourself Up". (Video above)

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again...

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"Act as if you were already happy and that will tend to make you happy." (Dale Carnegie)

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